Beauty, brains and barometric pressure

Kevin Chill Heard | 3/12/2014, 1:03 p.m.
With these last few months seeming like the coldest temperatures and most snow ever, we needed to get her expert ...
Meteorologist Angelica Campos Photo by MYCHAL LILLY

Have you seen a Woollybear?

I’ve been to the Woollybear Festival. I’ve seen a ton of them. I’ve had the little fuzzy guys crawling on me.

… Speaking of that, I asked on Facebook and Twitter what questions did they want me to ask you, and almost every man – and quite a few women – wanted to know if you are single?

I’m single.

Now are you single, or are you single-single?

Yes, I am single (she smiles).

Glad we got that taken care of, now we can get to the second most asked question, “Why is it so damn cold and why does this seem like the coldest winter we’ve had in a long time?”

I was looking back at the records in anticipation of you asking me this, and the coldest January averaged 11 degrees. Can you imagine 11 degrees for the entire month?

I bet that was in 1977, right?

Yeah, 1977! That wasn’t that far back. The next coldest average was 15 degrees in 1918. So, you see it goes in types of patterns. The average this year was 21 degrees. So even the top 10 was 19 degrees, so we’re close, but we’ve had colder years. This month, we’ll have some really cold days and then some really warm days, so the average will be somewhere in between. In January, our coldest month that averaged 21, we still had had a couple of 50 and 40 degree days, but it just didn’t happen as often. Last year for example, we had a lot more warm days in a row. Then we would have a big snow storm and it would be warm for a couple of days and the snow would melt. This year we’ve had snow for days on the ground and it felt like it was never going away.

So what about the notion that when you have a really crappy winter, you will have a good spring and great summer?

(More laughter) I think we will have cool temperatures this spring. March will be trending well below average, but not as cold because the angle of the sun is changing. So the temperature will rise, but it will still be below normal. I know people are saying, “What in the world is happening?” But we are in that part of the world where these changes happens, whether it happens every year or not.

So it’s not just us?

No, not just us. You see how cold it was at Mardi Gras? It hadn’t been that cold in over 20 years. They had snow in Georgia. In all my years in Georgia I never saw snow like that. Even as an adult I’ve never known them to have that much snow on the ground. I’ve seen ice there or it would snow and melt and be all slushy and nasty, but this year they had snow on the ground for a couple of days.

When will me and Zoom be able to play golf?