Browns Draft day picks may be suprising

James W. Wade III | 5/7/2014, 3:48 p.m.
But new General Manager Ray Farmer may be changing things up a little. Can you say Sammy Watkins? Watkins is ...

The Cleveland Browns are preparing for Draft Day this Thursday, May, 8, where they are still pointing fingers to getting a quarterback as their first pick. For weeks talk has been about Johnny (Football) Manziel being the fourth overall pick.

Fans have spoken out about not really liking him for many reasons, but the Browns have shown he may be their pick. The Browns have begun to talk about looking somewhere else for their top pick and possibly use their second first-round selection (No. 26 overall) on a quarterback instead.

But new General Manager Ray Farmer may be changing things up a little. Can you say Sammy Watkins? Watkins is the superstar receiver from Clemson. Take a moment and imagine him on the other side with Josh Gordon.

Farmer’s style seems to be that of a cool laid back leader and he has made some good moves so far. Farmer has left everything on the table and provided few clues as to what he’s really thinking, which is exactly what he’s wanted all along. He seems to smile big when he talks of Watkins but then seems like he’s not interested.But was Farmer trying to throw everyone off? He did allow that offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan likes mobile quarterbacks, which points to a playmaker such as a Johnny Manziel, but the Browns have worked out plenty of other mobile quarterbacks including Teddy Bridgewater, Aaron Murray and Connor Shaw.

Farmer acknowledged that he’s got one in mind at No 4, but doesn’t know if he’ll be available. So, anything can happen come this week’s annual selection meeting (May 8-10) and it promises to be a wild and thrilling weekend for Browns fans.

In case you really wonder how he feels about Watkins look at what he said about him. “If he came to Cleveland it would be big, big, really big, gnormous. He’s a good football player. He’s explosive. He’s got really good hands. He’s demonstrated he can run all the routes. He can be productive. So saddle him on the opposite side of Josh Gordon and wow,” said Farmer.

Watkins may be a good fit for Cleveland many believe. “The longer this goes, the more you're going to find guys ending up casualties of war for the wrong reasons. If you just watch the guy play football, he’s different than a lot of wide receivers. I get that he’s not 6-2, 6-4, 6-5, I get that. But he plays the game violently and aggressive, which is kind of a rarity for most wide receivers. You see things in him that aren’t standard. So he’s a really good player, and he’ll be a good player in this league. He would be dynamic, so we have to kind of wait and see where he goes,” Farmer added.

So follow me on Draft Day on twitter @jimmywadeiii as the Browns decide who they will draft to start their new 2014 season with. And remember to read next week’s edition to see more about their number 1 pick.