Robyn Simone's event says kisses not bruises

Kevin Chill Heard | 5/7/2014, 2:09 p.m.
Domestic violence is a major cause Simone is adamant about.
Robyn Simone

Why Robyn Simone’s celeb bartenders will have you on that ‘purple’ stuff


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“Purple Kisses, Not Bruises”, is the inaugural celebrity bartending event hosted by Robyn Simone in an effort to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a major cause Simone is adamant about. As a result, she’s pouring out her heart to share personal stories of tragedy and triumph in a way that will raise the bar for patrons to support the cause… And have fun doing it!

She’s recruited a few friends, better known as some of Cleveland’s favorite local celebrities, to help serve up Purple Kisses. Bartenders showing their skills will be Fox 8’s Angelica Campos, Melissa Mack, Z107.9’s Ro Digga and the Call And Post’s own Kevin Heard just to name a few. Attendees can expect to see local celebrities serving up drinks while experiencing a positive and great party atmosphere. There will be an impromptu fashion show, great entertainment and a special VIP complimentary drink called Purple Kisses, of course. The event is also sponsored by Hennessey.

Robyn Simone wears many hats and on May 23 she’ll be donning a purple one as she shares the premise of her fundraiser and the intent and purpose behind it. What is all the more evident is the purpose within her, quietly manifesting privately on the public scene. After parting from Radio One, her first thought was to head back to her hometown, Detroit; but she found that underneath it all she did have love for Cleveland. “I really didn’t realize the love I have for the city I grew up in is the same love I have for the city that adopted me. I didn’t realize the love was mutual.” Simone’s 12-plus years here didn’t mean much until having to walk through the last two.

Simone’s recent journey of pain, loss and heartbreak is a story so many of us can relate to, but can rarely be transparent about. After leaving radio, losing both her parents, ending a 13-year relationship and losing her longtime pet and companion, Bolo, Simone had to face the person she needed most… herself. Simone took responsibility for where she was and instead of being bitter she decided to let these experiences transform her for the better. “I had to come to the realization that Robyn has to create her own happiness. You can’t be too comfortable with things that aren’t going to help you grow, and that’s including people,” Simone said.

Simone’s personal infrastructure of dependence on everything around her was one exhausting walk we all unconsciously fall into. Taking care of her elderly parents, sticking in a job where she was unhappy and not tapping into what she really wanted. Learning to stand on her own two feet is what her new journey is all about. Her excitement about her transition is one about just being a blessing. “That’s what we’re here for, to be a blessing to other people,” she said. “’Cause you just never know. I’ve been blessed by a lot of people, but I’ve most importantly been blessed by God. I look at the things we take for granted. It’s the goodbyes, hellos, how we treat one another, how we don’t say thank you. These could be your last words.”