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A look at Browns 2014 Draft

James W. Wade III | 5/14/2014, 1:35 p.m.

The Browns have completed their 2014 drafts and some are giving the Browns an A for their picks. Although, many fans felt we missed a chance to get Teddy Bridgewater and Sammy Watkins, Browns General Manager Ray Farmer felt they did well in the draft. “I’m better. The team is better. We feel like we went into this draft and we acquired players that we thought could help our roster, and we’re excited about that. They all seem to have 'Play Like a Brown attributes'. We’re excited to get those young men here, coach them up and move the team forward,” said Farmer.

The Browns picked DB Justin Gilbert and QB Johnny Manziel as their first two picks number 8 overall and number 22. It was clear Cleveland was looking for a quarterback and Farmer was not interested in receivers because he feels there are so many out there.

Our number 1 pick Gilbert is ready to become active and help the Browns in the upcoming season.

“I Just want to learn from the older guys. (Browns DB) Joe Haden is an awesome cornerback, a Pro Bowl cornerback, and he’s a guy that I can learn a lot from. I’m just going to come in, not try to do too much, study film and see what I need to get done here to help the team be a better defense,” said Gilbert.

Farmer's comments on the 2014 NFL Draft. There was a deep pool of wide receivers. “I did, and I still do. Again, when you look at the number of wide receivers that were drafted and when they were drafted, I would tell you that we made the decisions that we made because we really valued the players that we got at a certain point. When, in our opinion, the most talented of that group was surpassed, we weren’t in a position to take the top-rated guys we had on our board; those guys had already been drafted. To that end, we took the players that we thought best helped our football team at different positions,” said Farmer.

Having a deep pool Farmer wanted to let the fans know, he hears what they are saying. “I would tell the fans that are in panic mode because we didn’t draft a wide receiver, that patience really tells the tale. Like I said, there’s plenty of opportunity for us to address what everyone would believe is a need, but in our opinion, again, there’s plenty of opportunity to add players, to change the roster and really make a difference,” he concluded.

It was clear the Browns paid attention to the Seattle Seahawks team and how they got their players, and Farmer let the media know it. “I’d like to ask everybody here one question, as well. How many of the receivers that were with the Seattle Seahawks during their entire season last year and through the beginning of the playoffs were drafted players? “(Seahawks WR Golden Tate) was out for a considerable amount of time, but the vast majority of those guys were not drafted. There’s definitely an opportunity to play with and identify talented players that can help your football team,” said Farmer.

This is how the Browns drafted and dealt in the weekend draft.

First round 8 overall pick Justin Gilbert, DB, Oklahoma State (b-from Minnesota), First round 22 pick Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M (c-from Philadelphia), First round 26 (d-from Indianapolis traded to Philadelphia)…second round 35th pick Joel Bitonio, OL, Nevada, third round 71 Christian Kirksey, LB, Iowa third round number 83 (e-from Pittsburgh traded to Philadelphia), third round pick 94 Terrance West, RB, Towson (f-from San Francisco), fourth round pick 106 (f-Traded to San Francisco), fourth round pick 127 Pierre Desir, DB, Lindenwood (g-from Indianapolis), fifth round pick 145 (b-traded to Minnesota) sixth round pick 180 (f-traded to San Francisco), final round pick 218 (h-traded to Baltimore).

Next year our drafts will be:


1 Cleveland

1 Cleveland (from Buffalo)

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4 Cleveland (from Buffalo)

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6 Cleveland (from Baltimore)

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