Nile Valley suspect wanted

News Desk | 5/15/2014, 9:03 a.m.
The suspect from the Nile Valley incident is wanted by the police from the story the Call & Post ran ...

The suspect from the Nile Valley incident is wanted by the police.

Angered community members gathered at one of Cleveland’s well-known restaurants on the East Side recently to express their outrage over the malicious attack of 76-year-old business owner Rafia Khateeb, more affectionately known as Sister Rafia. Khateeb’s businesses - The Nile Valley Restaurant and The Islamic Bookstore - located side-by-side on Lee Road, lie on the Shaker Heights Cleveland border and have been staples in the community for decades.

Khateeb and her late husband Shariff owned the businesses together, which stood as pillars in the community dating back to the early 1990s. Khateeb had become quite comfortable in her surroundings and has continued to run the businesses since her husband’s death. Everyone in the community knows Khateeb and looks out for her. But, one night after closing hours, Khateeb locked up alone and headed to her car. That’s when reportedly a Black male, in his late 30s to early 40s, appeared and brutally attacked her in an effort of attempted robbery. As seen on surveillance video, community activist Khalid Samad said he watched the recording of the perpetrator who grabbed Khateeb before striking her in the face with his pistol and dragging her down an alley and then some stairs. “He struck her several times,” said Samad. “It seemed as if he was attempting to take the car but something startled him. Whatever it was, it made him drop the keys and the sister’s [Khateeb’s] cell phone and take off running.”

Khateeb, a slender-framed senior woman was left lying on the ground and her assailant made off with nothing. The suspect is still at large. Police have issued a composite drawing of the suspect based off Khateeb’s description paired with what was seen on video.

Call the police if you have any information