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Cleveland Black Shield, Black pride in our police force

Bob Ferguson | 5/21/2014, 10:49 a.m.

Moreover, the Black Shield Association is the watchdogs of fair treatment in our community where Blacks had been mistreated by White officers due to racial profiling and other injustices. This past December 2013, Officer Len Hampton was elected as Cleveland’s Black Shield Police Association president and he has waged a tenacious effort to get the community and more Black officers involved in order that their voice and concerns might be heard throughout Cleveland and back at City Hall.

According to Officer Hampton, “We must have a presence and it is needed more now than ever due to the atrocities and crime wave that has infested our community and one of the better ways to rid this nuisance is for the citizens of Cleveland to support their Black police officers in our effort to balance the playing field. We are planning to spike the Block Watch effort and encourage the adage of “If you see something, say something,” particularly where our neighborhood businesses and homes are being broken into. In the recent article ran by the Call and Post, ‘When Cops Hide Behind badges to kill Blacks,’ this is shameful but, a reality and something we must address. We are asking you to join us and are asking for your support in this effort. Your ideas, prayers and contributions will be greatly appreciated.”

For more information of how you can help call (216) 561-7777.