Convicted after 30 years Gloria Pointer’s murderer receives life sentence

James W. Wade III | 5/28/2014, 9:42 a.m.
The Celebration of Hope included a comedy show at The Improv, fundraisers and special events for children affected by violence.
Yvonne Pointer pictured with the Athletic of the Year Award she’s given away each year since 1985. Pointer is glad to be celebrating her daughter’s life and continues to speak about violence. This trophy is given an athlete at Harry E. Davis School because they didn’t quit. Photo by James W. Wade III

Last Friday, Hernandez Warren was sentenced after pleading guilty to murdering Gloria Pointer over 30 years ago. Gloria’s body was found in the stairwell of a building on East 105th Street, just hours after she left for school back in 1984.

The panel of judges that consisted of Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judges David Matia, Michael Astrab and John O’Donnell sentenced Warren to life in prison. He will have a chance to go before the Ohio Parole Board for the first time in 30 years.

Gloria was just 14 years old on the morning of December 6, 1984, when she set out for Harry E. Davis Junior High School in Cleveland’s Glenville neighborhood. Her mother, Yvonne Pointer, shared that her daughter was due to get a perfect attendance award that day.

Last Wednesday, in court, Warren took time to apologize to Yvonne, saying he struggles with “the depth of pain and sorrow that I have caused your family. I am the one to blame for all of this.” Read more here about that day.

Yvonne shared how happy she was for Warren to have spared her and the family the whole trial and bringing up all of those memories. She would rather talk about her daughter. Yvonne has accomplished so much in the road to justice for Gloria.

“We were more than mother and daughter. We were there for each other in hard times,” Yvonne shared. Yvonne, being a strong woman of God, has never given up on her daughter’s murder and it’s her faith that has allowed her to forgive Warren.

“I don’t see like, oh, this horrible person,” Pointer said of her daughter’s killer. “I see this person that evidently needs to know that there’s a place at peace even for him,” she said.

Not all family members agree with Yvonne, especially her brother Raymond Pointer. Raymond has stated he would love to see him beg for his mother like his niece Gloria begged for her mother. “I will be there drinking champagne at his funeral for what he has done to my niece,” Raymond said.

In an interview, Yvonne talked about how special Gloria was and how she was on her way to being someone great. “I will never let the memory of my daughter slip away into darkness. Each day I plan on celebrating my daughter’s life,” said Yvonne.

Yvonne talked about how she had left slightly earlier on the day she was attacked so she could stop at a friend’s home to get a comb for a new hairstyle. “In honor of Gloria, I had a celebration for her life in Cleveland for a week,” said Yvonne.

While talking to Yvonne, she often smiles while sharing stories about her daughter.

“I think it’s important for people to hear about when [Gloria] was alive and all of the amazing things that have transpired as a result of her being alive, not dying,” said Yvonne.

Last December, she honored Gloria with forums, luncheons and a host of other events that gave Yvonne a chance to recognize a lot of media and friends who means something to the struggle against violence at a special awards ceremony in downtown Cleveland.