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Teen chess queen makes all the right moves

Prodigy /prädəjē/: a young person who is unusually talented in some way, as defined by Merriam-Webster. Although she’s considered one, this word alone does not carry the magnitude of genius embodied within 14 year old chess champion Diamond Shakoor.

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All aboard “A train called Freedom”

Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglas are on the train and then they pick up Sojourner Truth and Elijah McCoy who gives you a history lesson about discovering who you really are before Vida Posey comes back and sing “Can’t Let Nobody Turn Me Around,” which wrecked the whole church.

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Black History Month feature A look back at Historic the Café Tia Juana

Drake would oversee the daily operations and co-own the Tia Juana with her brother-n-law, John Alexander. Hoge’s brother owned a building in Glenville on the corner of E.105th St. and Massie Avenue

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LeBron James named 2015 NBA All Star game starter

James now has a few more players he must mentor like newcomer J.R. Smith who recently came with a trade of Dion Waiters. Smith enters a team with James,

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GCC asking for change with DOJ report

Rev. Colvin who has been very outspoken about justice in Cleveland feels everyone must take a stance on the DOJ report. “Many complaints about the police department were aired about a year ago when the Justice Department came to Olivet

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New education official wants to reform NCLB

The coalition recommended that each state provide annual assessments for all students in the third grade through the eighth grade and high school and that targeted funding be used to meet the needs of the most vulnerable children in our nation’s schools

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Clevelanders fight crime in new TV show

“The Cleveland Police Department is extremely supportive. They are coming out and partnering with us.” Akron native, Ryan Martin co-stars with Paramore.

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North Randall’s Mayor David Smith rebukes claims

The building where Macy’s once stood and where the Burlington Coat Factory continues to operate will not be affected by the development project, at least not yet. Lichter’s company does not own either property.

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Cleveland Men of Song honors Black History Month

Professor Wade II has been an inspiration to many and Fellows talked about how it was an honor to serve and play with him at Temple Baptist Church.

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Tavis Smiley examines MLK’s last year in latest book

Today, there have been many protests in response to the violence that Black America is facing with the numerous police killings of young Blacks.

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I CAN SCHOOLS: Closing the Educational Achievement Gap

Few schools exist that cater to individual needs while demonstrating remarkable achievement on state standardized assessments. Even fewer of these schools exist in high poverty urban areas.

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Make 'way' for Steve Harvey 'day'

City names E. 112th and Primrose Steve Harvey Way

In honor of Steve Harvey's 58th birthday, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson also declared January 17th “Steve Harvey Day.”

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The glamour of clamor personified at Playhouse Square

STOMP is in town for one weekend

The only thing missing from this performance is dialogue. Definitely one noise worth paying attention to.

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CP2 popped the question to Kevin: Read his ‘hartfelt’ answer

Hart went from being the best man no one wanted in “Think Like A Man Too,” last year to best man extraordinaire in this weekend’s “The Wedding Ringer.”

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Blacks gain most from Obamacare when Medicaid expanded

The Urban Institute report on uninsurance rates under the ACA said that improving health literacy, translation services, outreach through ethnic media and working with trusted members of the community can also aid in driving down the levels of uninsured.

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Local group provides options to youths and gun violence

Yvonne Pointer in the success of Midnight Basketball, local entrepreneur Tom Paige stated, “People are very receptive to athletes, and when you keep the right company, you should do well in life.

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New County Council members ready for 2015

The ceremony consisted of former judges Lillian Greene and C Ellen Connally swearing everyone in. The spotlight was on Shontel Brown, the new representative from District 9.

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Chief Clifford Pinkney to lead police investigation of Tamir Rice death

In 2012, Pinkney graduated from the F.B.I. National Academy at Quantico, Virginia. During his career, he has participated in multiple high-profile cases, winning awards for service and actions at every level.

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Don't get it twisted... Chubby Checker's on a rescue mission

Thinking of not checking him out at the Rocksino? 'Fur'get about it

“We’re gonna come to town, light a match to the Rocksino, burn it up and leave!” - Chubby Checker

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Prosecutor Tim McGinty talks to east side council members

McGinty talked about how upset with the outcome of the bench trial of Bedford Municipal Court Judge Harry Jacob II.

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