Pluria Marshall, Jr. Group purchases three TV stations

By December 2013, St. Louis-based Roberts Broadcasting sold its three remaining full-power TV stations to ION Media Networks for about $8 million.

ETPI report: State tax policy changes have increased homeowners’ and farmers’ tax burden

State tax policy changes have increased homeowners’ and farmers’ tax burden 2/2/2/2/2 While the report does show that property values for homes and agricultural properties have increased over the period

Technology: From the Past to the Future

Smartphone’s such as the Apple iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy each are capable of downloading apps created by various companies to play games that others would think are exclusive to home consoles.

Karen Butler is new COO at NEON Health Center

Prior to this appointment, Butler served as the Commissioner of Health for the City of Cleveland and supervised all of the programs and services within the Division of Health

Marie Kittredge named Project Director for Opportunity Corridor

Mayor Frank Jackson said: “Marie’s appointment offers the Opportunity Corridor project both the management experience needed to move the project forward and the understanding of community needs in the midst of such important economic development.

Horseshoe Casino will celebrate second anniversary

As Ohio’s first casino, the $350 million Horseshoe officially celebrated its second anniversary on May 14, but the party starts at 5 p.m. Saturday and will continue through the evening with live bands and DJs spinning favorites on the first ...

85 richest people have same wealth as 3.5 billion poorest

They keep the wealth concentrated in the hands of a few and they make sure it’s there for the next generation.

Charter One introduces Education Refinance Loan™; offers new option for borrowers after leaving school

Charter One is helping to solve that problem with the introduction of the Charter One Education Refinance Loan.

Ray’s Sausage on national TV

Ray’s Sausage Company believe that quality food products are a direct result of qualified individuals working together for the common goal of producing a product that will distinguish them from other products.

What’s Wrong with the Koch Brothers?

Did you know that the Koch brothers advocate an end to Social Security and welfare? You’re probably not certain, but the Koch brothers’ name has been besmirched among Blacks for quite some time.

Celebrating America's Entrepreneurs

The core of these programs encourages small businesses to engage in research—which can often be a challenge as they are time-intensive and often costly.

Black Diamond nominations ready

The Greater Cleveland Delta Foundation Life Development Center (GCDFLDC) is looking to recognize those men who are doing something positive in the city of Cleveland and surrounding areas.

The Government Shutdown

This dependency on government sets too many Americans up for low aspirations and generations of welfare and poverty. And, the problem for Blacks is that we often rely too much on government.

Time to reform horse and buggy debt collector laws

The report found that no state met all five standards and only two came close: Massachusetts, which recently modernized its exemption laws, and Iowa.

2013 Nielsen Report for African American Consumers

African-American Consumers are More Relevant Than Ever.