Strengthening our community through education

The Office of Community Development can create channels for the school to focus its energy on rebuilding their communities by exposing school staff, students, and parents to diverse community activities.

Cleveland Public Library Strikes up a Different Conversation

The Series will continue on Thursday, August 6th with a conversation featuring Rick Chiricosta, President and CEO of Medical Mutual, and Dr. Ronald M. Berkman, President of Cleveland State University.

Shaker superintendent Dr. Hutchings continues tradition of success

His philosophy is that every child has a right to a high quality education regardless of whatever their circumstances may be

Social worker learns 'education is a game changer'

Betts found the experience to be completely enriching and life changing

Take Off the Mask

We may never know how amazing we are if we try to live at a note God didn’t give us. We must truly find our pitch, and begin to listen carefully to the melodic chorus, that is our true voice. ...

The People Diet

The New Year will produce many new gym memberships and avid workout fanatics. The Nike jogging suit-wearing population will be bursting at the seams by February. Countless grocery store runs for "low carb" diets, Adkins diets, juice diets, will be ...

Child Watch From ‘crack baby’ to A-student

A number of states have used subsidized guardianship programs to support kinship families and GrandFamilies. Kinship care has been found to help children maintain family,

JFK Alumni planning 50th All Class Gala

Johnston came out in 1968 and held the Alumni Association together with Attorney Earl Williams and Silas Ashley. Working in the community has been a big wish for the JFK Alumni Association.

CBCF’s STEM focus expands to China

The CBCF is currently accepting applications for the China Study Abroad program. The deadline to apply is April 30, 2015.

Cleveland Public Library welcomes Trisha Meili

In the spring of 1989, Trisha Meili, a 28-year-old investment banker, was found raped and bludgeoned in the Central Park mud.

Board approves first construction projects

Advocates have long called for a new west side high school but finding a site in developed neighborhoods was difficult.

Cuyahoga County Library will present two Authors

Cuyahoga County Library Author series

Mandy Smith drum beats her way to winning graduate prize in popular music, to give talk on April 14 at CWRU

Reading a short article from a collection of essays about Starr’s drumming on The Beatles album Revolver left her wanting more information.

Eric Gordon met with President Barack Obama

CMSD’s graduation rate has increased 12 points in the last three years to a record 64.1 percent, but Gordon has stressed that much more improvement is needed.

New education official wants to reform NCLB

The coalition recommended that each state provide annual assessments for all students in the third grade through the eighth grade and high school and that targeted funding be used to meet the needs of the most vulnerable children in our ...