Cuyahoga County Library will present two Authors

Cuyahoga County Library Author series

Mandy Smith drum beats her way to winning graduate prize in popular music, to give talk on April 14 at CWRU

Reading a short article from a collection of essays about Starr’s drumming on The Beatles album Revolver left her wanting more information.

Eric Gordon met with President Barack Obama

CMSD’s graduation rate has increased 12 points in the last three years to a record 64.1 percent, but Gordon has stressed that much more improvement is needed.

New education official wants to reform NCLB

The coalition recommended that each state provide annual assessments for all students in the third grade through the eighth grade and high school and that targeted funding be used to meet the needs of the most vulnerable children in our ...

I CAN SCHOOLS: Closing the Educational Achievement Gap

Few schools exist that cater to individual needs while demonstrating remarkable achievement on state standardized assessments. Even fewer of these schools exist in high poverty urban areas.

John Marshall Campus will be home to 3 small schools

“The idea of three small schools made by John Marshall for John Marshall, they like that,” said Gramajo, who carries a 3.5-point cumulative average and hopes to work as a pharmacist after college.

John Carroll hires chief diversity officer

As John Carroll's student body is about 86 percent White, Mills thinks one of the important things that we as African Americans need to do to help institutions as well as society become more inclusive is to really is assert ...

Richmond Hts. schools in 'intensive care'

Overall, Willis imagines building upon the district's solid foundation by adding curriculum that will attract, engage and retain more students. At the same time, she know she needs help.

HEAP winter crisis program now open

CEOGC is Cuyahoga County's Community Action Agency helping to fight the War on Poverty since 1964.

CEOGC names Thea Wilson director of head start

They still teach the basics: alphabet, sounds and numbers. "But children who are excelling, we don't hold them back. So you can have a four year old who is ready."

Higher ed reforms will hurt students of color

Over the next 20 years that percentage doubled. Even with these challenges, affected institutions are making significant inroads in closing societal gaps in both degree attainment and workforce diversity.

Issue 4 would allow CMSD to continue modernizing schools

Across the city, CMSD would build 20 to 22 schools and refurbish 20 to 23 others if Issue 4 passes.

Reading RAMM studies Roller Coasters in Motion

In addition to building a model coaster, the students at Collinwood produced a song and documentary about the experience. Those students were so engaged in the project that Banks though it might be a good idea to introduce it to ...

New state report cards continue to show link between poverty, student performance

The analysis shows, for example, that districts with a Performance Index score of 90 or less have 83.29 percent economically disadvantaged students,

Black students at Kent State stage “die-in”

Among other students who spoke during the demonstration, the common messages were to emphasize that Black lives matter