Have a Hart this Father’s Day and fill dad’s ‘Plastic Cup’ with comedy

Speaking of dads… Recently, CP2 caught up with Lynn where the 37-year-old comic explained in living color, how he got his start, the future of his career, why the Mid-West (specifically Cleveland) is one of his favorite regions to perform ...

Take Off the Mask

We may never know how amazing we are if we try to live at a note God didn’t give us. We must truly find our pitch, and begin to listen carefully to the melodic chorus, that is our true voice. ...

Living life in divine purpose

Dear Queens, today I need you to truly ask yourself are you living life in your divine purpose by being the individual God intended you to be?

Domestic Violence advocate takes ID Discovery

Her prince charming however would soon become incarcerated, leaving Cowan with 2 children, 2 businesses and seeking support from a member of the Nation of Islam. What she did not know is that this support would lead to being held ...

Tavis Smiley takes readers on a journey with Maya

“I had just lost the city council race, didn’t know what to do. A friend invited me to join them on a 10 day trip to Africa,” said Smiley. “This was the experience of a lifetime, a trip to the ...

Sonia Sanchez remains one of the nation’s illustrious poets

However, many people once thought that Sanchez and the members of the Black Arts Movement (BAM) were just reading poetry for applause during the 1960s. The group actually carried a message of fighting for humane living conditions for the people ...

Our newest columnist is calling all ‘Queens’

Tinika Tolbert, founder of Perspectives of Self-Discovery, a women’s group, is the Call and Post’s latest columnist, delivering “Dear Queens,” a weekly article designed to enlighten, uplift and guide women to the freedom of self-discovery. "Dear Queens," is found exclusively ...

How a ‘Little’ luck amounted to a prosperous pile of ‘Beanz’

Little’s secret to success? “When you’re running a business you must persevere,” he said. “Whatever you want is there for you. But, it’s hard work. No one will fail if it’s coming from your heart. You must live, learn and ...

Exposure is everything!

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Television and the internet have reshaped our culture more than any form of media since time began. Remember the days of “Lifestyles of ...

The People Diet

The New Year will produce many new gym memberships and avid workout fanatics. The Nike jogging suit-wearing population will be bursting at the seams by February. Countless grocery store runs for "low carb" diets, Adkins diets, juice diets, will be ...

Heather Headley to headline benefit concert at Masonic Auditorium

Zarlenga, who said she has been a child advocate during her whole career, says CityMusic hopes to bring more awareness the issue of youth homelessness.

For the love of being from here

What if Lebron came home and took us back to the NBA Finals? It would be incredible, right? You damn right it would!

CityMusic Chamber Music Orchestra Announces “Wishes and Dreams” Concert Series

On May 28 and 29, 2015, CityMusic will present at the Performance Arts Center at the Cleveland Masonic Auditorium its 2015 concert series, “Wishes and Dreams”

Take 5 presents Michael Henderson

Before working with Davis, Henderson had been touring with Stevie Wonder,

The Real Houseboyz of Cleveland is ‘a new kind of reality’

DeVaughn Lilly is an accomplished and critically acclaimed author of two novels, “The Magnificent Life of Gravvy Brown” and “Memoirs of the Homosexual President (Told by the First Lady).