'Get on Up' to see James Brown get down

Taking on the role of James Brown is “42” star Chadwick Boseman who has some pretty big dancing shoes to fill. Not only does Boseman fill them, but his cup runneth over.

African American conductors repeat history on Broadway

Cleveland Native Daryl Waters leads After Midnight.

Wild about the latest ape movie:

As a cadre of kind-hearted scientists trek their way to beg Caesar to allow them to work on a broken-down hydraulic power-plant, unaccosted by untrusting primates

Local student wins golden ticket at Columbus ‘Idol’ audition

Despite his youth, Tucker has plenty of experience performing. He previously participated in “Ohio Idol,” a regional version of the national competition, which gave him a pass to move to the front of the line at the Capital University audition.

OJAYS featured at Family Unity Day Festival

The O’Jays have spent more than 40 years producing hits and entertaining audiences with their soulful singing and incredible stage presence, and include original members Eddie Levert, Sr. and Walter Williams, Sr. with a great young dynamic vocalist Eric Nolan ...

CP2 talks with homecoming queen of comedy Mo’Nique

You know, I’ve never had a heckler. I’ve always felt like, when you love on that audience, that audience is going to love back on you. So, when someone gets out of line,

Terence Blanchard among Jazz and Rib Fest headliners

After taking on projects that are so large in scope, returning to the touring circuit with his band in a small group setting can be a challenge, Blanchard said.

Cleveland's Bobby Womack Dead at 70

His biggest hits of the Eighties, “I Wish He Didn’t Trust Me So Much” and “(No Matter How High I Get) I’ll Still Be Lookin’ Up to You,” both made it to Number Two at mid-decade.

The redemption story of a ‘Crybaby Gangster

While incarcerated, Cry met LAD who ran a label out in Los Angeles but was serving time in Ohio.

Comedian gives Cleveland ‘Hart’ attack

Friday, June 20. In the film, Cedric takes on the task of being his friend’s best man at a Vegas wedding. When asked if Hart, who’s divorced in real life, has ever been a best man himself he looked puzzled ...

Cleveland jazz star Little Jimmy Scott dies

Owing to obligations on an earlier contract that Scott had signed with Herman Lubinsky, the record was withdrawn in a matter of days, while Scott was on honeymoon.

Maya Angelou passes at 86

News reports from Winston - Salem confirming Maya Angelou is dead.

Robyn Simone's event says kisses not bruises

Domestic violence is a major cause Simone is adamant about.

Oatman and Ashley are ‘crazy’ for Community Theater

“This is a piece where Ashley is the only person I thought of"

The Cooler the Bandits the better the documentary

This is a sincere tale told through excellent cinematography of four friends who admittedly made some bad decisions and paid for it with a greater part of their lives using brotherhood, family, video cameras and the will of God to ...