Ohio lawmakers fight "Pink Tax" on feminine products

States that have already repealed taxes on feminine hygiene products include Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Minnesota. Canada and Australia recently eliminated the “Pink Tax” as well.

Charleston church bombing hits close to home

Thursday morning to help identify the body, but their son and his church held a vigil for them Thursday to let them know that they are praying for them 750 miles away.

East Cleveland barely holding on, Norton still talks merger

The city could borrow against its local government funding, but that doesn't address the underlying financial problem. When asked about them paying their bills, the answer was clear from Yost.

Former home health aide gets 5 years in prison for rape

Two, the victim, now 18, also testified that Nian entered her upstairs bedroom and performed oral sex on her, leaving her there crying after the incident.

DNA links Cleveland man to several rapes

The trial was delayed for several months but finally came to a close on June 5.

Call & Post Editorial:C & P Publisher defends White NAACP president

To put it mildly, this is not the representation we have come to expect from them, and this paper refuses to stand by as an NAACP apologist

Cleveland Eight fighting for justice

In a phone interview with the Rice family, attorney Walter Madison shed a little light on what he called an historic moment.

Three Cleveland teens charged in Sandusky Stabbings

Three Cleveland area teens are in custody after allegedly stabbing three Sandusky teens last week

Don King appoints Ken Miller to run Call & Post Newspaper

The Los Angeles native arrived in Cleveland on June 5 and is relocating to the region to assume authority of the newspaper

Social worker learns 'education is a game changer'

Betts found the experience to be completely enriching and life changing

Chalk Linez murder witness gunned down in driveway

When police arrived, they found a victim who suffered a gunshot wound

Demanding justice for the murder of Tamir Rice

Eight clergy members and community activists filed court papers Tuesday seeking the arrest of two Cleveland police officers involved in the November shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

Take Off the Mask

We may never know how amazing we are if we try to live at a note God didn’t give us. We must truly find our pitch, and begin to listen carefully to the melodic chorus, that is our true voice. ...

Living life in divine purpose

Dear Queens, today I need you to truly ask yourself are you living life in your divine purpose by being the individual God intended you to be?

Man charged with running prostitution ring from his Cuyahoga County jail

The case was discovered when one of the boys’ teachers noticed marks on him. She asked him who did it and he said Clark did. The teacher testified in court because the boy was found incompetent to testify due to ...