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1-22-14 Community Calendar

Meet County Executive Candidates

Should Cuyahoga County renew the ‘sin tax’

The money, which projects to $260 million over the next 20 years, would pay for maintenance for FirstEnergy Stadium, Progressive Field and Quicken Loans Arena.

African migrant’s protests harsh treatment in Israel

One right wing lawmaker, Miri Regev , even referred to the migrants as a “cancer.” The Jews say they want to deport the Africans but international law forbids them from sending them back to their countries because their lives would ...

City shocked over Halton murder

The arrested teen was among a group of six suspects accused of robbing three men on two separate occasions Monday in the Humphrey Park area, according to a police report.

Nate Martin wants what’s best for East Cleveland

He worked with prisoners for the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department, helping them to toss off their old habits and find a new path to follow in life.

Blurred lines ‘thicken’ plot in East Cleveland Library saga

a scandal so big someone better call Olivia Pope in to fix it...

Execution with new drugs takes 10 minutes

New drugs for lethal injection

Blacks lag behind Whites in retirement savings

Blacks also tend to carry greater burdens such as credit card debt, student loans and other types of debt that severely limits their ability to save for retirement.

Judge Jean Murrell Capers turns 101

Judge Capers had a fun birthday celebration for her 101st birthday

E.C. School Board attempts to give Fambrough and Branch the boot

As to the trustees’ dismissal of Marcus-Bey as Library Director, Branch responded, “She was insubordinate and had a negative attitude within the first month that she got there.

Kevin Kelly shakes up Cleveland City Council

Councilman Jeffrey Johnson, who shared in his comments that Conwell was stripped of his chairmanship because he dared to stand up against a contentious council redistricting process earlier this spring and form a dissident coalition with Johnson and Councilman Michael ...

Cleveland loses a legend in Arnold R. Pinkney

“Arnold Pinkney leaves behind a legacy of public service and dedication to others that should serve as a testament to the way he lived his life,”

Governor Kasich to face a last minute challenger in GOP primary

It goes without saying that Stevenot has his work cut out for him as he seeks to dethrone a sitting governor in a primary race. So, what are his chances of pulling it off? Little to none, realistically.

Ben Holbert new Woodmere Village Council President

“I look forward to helping our community move forward,” said Holbert. He added, “What makes Woodmere exciting are the ample upscale businesses as well as our fabulous residents.”

East Cleveland heated over firing of library director

On Monday, Dec. 30, board members William Fambrough (board president), Devin Branch, Charles Bibb and Ed Parker voted to remove the director, while Turner, Leontine Synor and Mary Rice voted in favor of Marcus-Bey keeping her job.