What people are saying about the Brelo verdict

Ward 2 Councilman Zack Reed has been displeased with the police situation for a long time and has said many times in the past that we need to fill empty slots in the police force.

Call & Post Editorial:The sad state of Cleveland NAACP

To put it mildly, this is not the representation we have come to expect from them, and this paper refuses to stand by as an NAACP apologist. For Christ’s sake, even White people have taken up the cause.

Chisholm changes culture of education at CEOGC

"I'm a big believer in vision," said Chisholm, who remembers going on a school field trip to Severance Hall and looking over the balcony to see CWRU then asking a teacher "what is that?"

Rev. Al joins the fight

Rev. Sharpton told everyone this is the kick off to many more meetings and marches. “You think this is going to be a one-week story? No. This story is going nowhere,” said Sharpton.

Domestic Violence advocate takes ID Discovery

Her prince charming however would soon become incarcerated, leaving Cowan with 2 children, 2 businesses and seeking support from a member of the Nation of Islam. What she did not know is that this support would lead to being held ...

Tavis Smiley takes readers on a journey with Maya

“I had just lost the city council race, didn’t know what to do. A friend invited me to join them on a 10 day trip to Africa,” said Smiley. “This was the experience of a lifetime, a trip to the ...

Sonia Sanchez remains one of the nation’s illustrious poets

However, many people once thought that Sanchez and the members of the Black Arts Movement (BAM) were just reading poetry for applause during the 1960s. The group actually carried a message of fighting for humane living conditions for the people ...

How a ‘Little’ luck amounted to a prosperous pile of ‘Beanz’

Little’s secret to success? “When you’re running a business you must persevere,” he said. “Whatever you want is there for you. But, it’s hard work. No one will fail if it’s coming from your heart. You must live, learn and ...

Exposure is everything!

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Television and the internet have reshaped our culture more than any form of media since time began. Remember the days of “Lifestyles of ...

Brelo verdict gives police license to kill

Today we have been told – yet again – our lives have no value. By any measure, the firing of more than a hundred rounds of ammunition by the Cleveland Police Department toward two unarmed citizens was extreme, excessive, and ...

Call & Post Editorial:Then who the hell 'is' guilty?

It is not supposed to matter what you look like. Justice is supposed to be the same under her watch. But now, it seems like she has turned a blind eye to Black folks in Cleveland, not as Justice, but ...

Preachers led march against Brelo verdict

“The criminal justice system needs to improve training for police officers, reduce the number people being sent to prison, and increase the use of drug courts to get treatment for drug addicts instead of putting them behind bars,” Colvin said.

DOJ and Cleveland reach agreement on policing

he city has 90 days to establish the Community Police Commission, a 13-member panel representing law enforcement, Cleveland neighborhoods and leaders of civil rights, religious, business and philanthropic organizations.

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