Call & Post Editorial:Then who the hell 'is' guilty?

It is not supposed to matter what you look like. Justice is supposed to be the same under her watch. But now, it seems like she has turned a blind eye to Black folks in Cleveland, not as Justice, but ...

Preachers led march against Brelo verdict

“The criminal justice system needs to improve training for police officers, reduce the number people being sent to prison, and increase the use of drug courts to get treatment for drug addicts instead of putting them behind bars,” Colvin said.

DOJ and Cleveland reach agreement on policing

he city has 90 days to establish the Community Police Commission, a 13-member panel representing law enforcement, Cleveland neighborhoods and leaders of civil rights, religious, business and philanthropic organizations.

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Police Blotter Week of May 13, 2015

A dude on Longwood said a Debbie just threatened to kill: him: Heeeey! DEB SHAME ON YOU! I wonder what in the hell is this all about at this time in the morning? On May 7, around 9:27 a.m.

Will Brelo go to the pen or the pad?

The third issue is that none of the other 12 officers were charged with the killings of Williams or Russell. Therein lies the major problem with prosecuting this case.

Groundbreaking for long-awaited African American Cultural Garden

But, in order to make it to the finish line, it will need that second wind of energy from the African American community and other community stake holders.

Concerned Men hold community meeting, prepare Cleveland to not be another Baltimore

They had 113 officers injured, 114 vehicle fires and 19 structural fires.

Police Blotter Week of May 6, 2015

64 year old granny and her thieving partner busted stealing at J.C. Penney’s: (Richmond Heights) SHAME ON YOU GRANNY! Why in the hell are you still out there trying to boost with your old behind?

Black World Week of May 6, 2015

Nigeria’s military says it freed another large group of people during a raid on Boko Haram militants. One woman died and eight others were wounded as nine camps belonging to the Islamists were destroyed

Charges against officers brought focus back on Gray’s death, away from street violence

All of that and much more will be decided in the court of law. But for now, the curfew in Baltimore has been lifted,

Medical cannabis one giant step to legalization in Ohio

Now, where would the profit go? It would go to county and local governments, according to the group’s plan. Opponents of the plan are not impressed.

African American Garden groundbreaking on May 11

The Call & Post has been covering these events over the years and former editor Connie Harper maintain a great passion for seeing the garden happen.