Urban League host 24th EOD Luncheon

This year, they have decided to change location but not the program to better serve the Greater Cleveland community, said Mockabee.

Local group takes on needs of the Oppressed People

On top of serving the people, OPN has been involved in several demonstrations to call attention to injustices. They are also in the process of organizing the residents of East Cleveland. At 5:45 p.m. every Thursday evening, there will be ...

Barnes sues the party – his own

The Call & Post attempted to reach out to Chris Redfren numerous times and never got a call back.

Former band member convicted in 2011 hazing death

Champion, 26, a drum major from Decatur, Ga. died after a band hazing ritual that was seen as a rite of passage.

Black Shield Scholarship Dinner

After the ceremony and presentations the night was capped off with dancing. Hampton is looking forward to next year’s event and is hoping to get more of the community and businessmen involved.

Black Pollster: ‘Democrats got their [butts] whipped’

As the Democrats gear up for the 2016 elections, Mary Frances Berry, a history professor at the University of Pennsylvania and the chair of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission under President Bill Clinton, said that the voter suppression efforts are ...

A forever friend From Don King, to Connie Harper

She is a witness to history; its sadness and its glory. She stood with the downtrodden. She remained unflinching in the cold and stark face of adversity.

Sex offender gives toddler, teenage girl HIV

Police are worried that since Wilson worked at a fast food restaurant he may have come in contact with numerous teenagers. Wilson now faces life in prison because he was a registered sex offender.

Imperial Ave. now home to ‘Garden of 11 Angels’

The families went to dinner afterwards and invited some friends. The Cathedral Church of God in Christ, where Bishop F. E. Perry is the pastor, hosted the meal.

President Kelley is ready to take on council strife

In response to questions from the Call & Post about the letter that came to him from Councilman Mike Polensak, Kelley kept his cool.

2014 November Election results

Republicans win back state seats

Leon Bibb a Black Professional with style

Bibb served in the army and is a decorated veteran of war. He received a Bronze Star Medal for his service in Vietnam.

Call & Post Nov. 4, Endorsements

Call & Post Endorsements

City Of Cleveland Gun Melt Hosted by ArcelorMittal Cleveland

Getting guns off the street is very important.

Elected officials react to the passing of Call and Post Editor Connie Harper

These statements came from elected officials to honor Connie Harper's passing