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Is East Cleveland headed for bankruptcy?

East Cleveland City Council Vice-President Chantelle C. Lewis, whose term ends this month, says that for three years council tried to cut the budget in opposition to the mayor, to avoid the current circumstance.

Michelle Howard named First Four-Star Female Admiral

From May 2004 to September 2005, Howard was the commander of Amphibious Squadron Seven. Deploying with Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) 5, operations included tsunami relief efforts in Indonesia and maritime security operations in the North Arabian Gulf.

Republicans block another Obama nominee

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia is one of the most influential courts in the land because it regularly rules on the constitutionality of new laws and regulations. It’s oftentimes the next step away from the ...

Two children die in a house fire

The baby-sitter stayed in the bathroom until she smelled smoke. Fearful for her life she ran out of the house and rushed to home across the street,

Antun Lewis found guilty for the second time

The first verdict came nearly six years after the fire, as police and fire officials worked with agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to complete an investigation.

Services held for John Powell

Stanley Miller presided at the services and delivered the eulogy. He also offered prayer and read the scripture. Soloist was Lucretia Bolden,

Don King honors Nelson Mandela

I love the man. But more importantly, I love what the man represented – love instead of hatred, inclusiveness instead of segregation and divisiveness

Louis Stokes remembers Nelson Mandela

When Nelson Mandela was inaugurated after being elected President of South Africa people from all over the world journeyed there to see this miracle.

Nelson Mandela passes away

Nelson Mandela has passed away at age of 95

Alexander ‘City’ Bryant Part 3: The Journey of an old-time pool hustler

Despite the rugged existence of hustling pool for all those years, the passing of his wife in 2008 was his toughest challenge.

Mary Yates Malone dies

Mary's life was abundant with family and friends. Her most fulfilling moments were entertaining in her home and "holding court" telling stories and jokes to all generations in her "audience".

Families of 137 shots victims filed federal lawsuit

A year ago, at a press conference held at the Russell family attorney’s office, David Russell Jr. said he gave his brother Timothy the car involved in the chase and it had a bad muffler.

Why racism is (almost) omnipotent

We are living in difficult days. To pretend (or believe) that the light came and racism ended with the election of President Obama is like saying that cancer ended with the development of chemotherapy.

Alexander ‘City’ Bryant

Working poolrooms in Pennsylvania and D.C. wasn’t like delivering papers or collecting numbers. Hustling on the road was rugged. For blacks, it was even rougher.


CLEVELAND – The Call & Post is pleased to announce the Inaugural World AIDS Day Fair & Brunch, in collaboration with the City of Cleveland, Cleveland Department of Public Health and the Free Medical Clinic with support from University Hospitals, ...