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Leon Bibb honored as 2014 Black Professional of the Year

In 1978, Leon Bibb interviewed James Earl Ray, the convicted assassin of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Ray’s prison cell at Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary (TN).

Group wants dismissal from duty for ‘all thirteen’ 137 shot cops

A placard passed amongst the committee was signed with quotes stating, “Brelo was not the only shooter.” “Why did they not stop the car?” “Brelo should not be the only scapegoat for the 12 other shooters.

Judge Lance Mason arrested

Mason was taken to Shaker Heights Municipal Jail where the police report shows he did request counsel. It also states he had made statements about a desire to commit suicide.

John H. Lenear one of Call & Post's greats

He also loved shooting pool and would often be seen at the Playboy Pool Room, where he would shoot a game with future Cleveland Mayor Carl Stokes or members of the original O’Jays.

Police Blotter Week of July 30, 2014

Nett knows that she’s too old to be out there drunk and acting a damn fool: Whaaaat! Say that again? On July 22, around 10:58 p.m., officers were dispatched to a house in the 100 block of Hollinger Avenue,

Call & Post Editorial:Sabra Pierce Scott deserves a second chance

Well, regardless of what anyone thinks, the mayor has every right to hire whomever he sees fit for the position and he chose Scott – someone he knows and trusts can do the job.

Akron couple help LeBron show neighbors his ‘sweet side’

Much has happened for this young couple in a relatively short amount of time. Their business has only been open for almost a year, but what a year it has been. Baker Blvd is looking forward to its one-year anniversary ...

Zeke Forbes honored

Clerk Turner plans to honor all former clerks on the wall where the plaque hangs.

Prade back to jail for ex wife murder

Douglas Prade was sent back to jail on Friday.

Police Blotter Week of July 23, 2014

They’re having a peaceful memorial on Imperial and some clown is there talking junk: HELLO! 911? Would ya’ll please come and stop this doofus from running his mouth before somebody shuts him up.

50th anniversary of Freedom Summer spurs Ohio voting discussion

In 2010, many individuals chose not to vote for a variety of reasons and now we have certain office holders who support policies that completely undermine African American communities,” followed Davis.

Freddy Collier city’s first Black planning director

When he came to the city he worked hard. And with his flair for dressing he stood out in a very positive way. When you see Collier normally he has that big smile on his face because he likes what ...

Man dies after being choked by NYPD

A voice off camera serving as an on-the-scene “street narrator” can be heard saying “Once again the police are beating-up on people and all he did was break up a fight. And this is what happens for breaking up a ...

Lorain County Sheriff’s Locate Body of Man missing from Cleveland

Cory Barron found in Lorian Landfill