ACTION ALERT: Muslim civil rights group calls on people of all faiths to join rally tonight outside Cleveland City Hall

Rally for police reform to be held tonight in front of the FREE stamp prior to 7 p.m. City Council Meeting at City Hall. Peaceful protesters urged to come out, support and dress the part.

The Ferguson Tragedy: The lynching of truth and justice

The burnings, the acts of violence and lootings enabled the perpetrators of injustice to change the focus and the subject.

These ‘guys’ make Thanksgiving ‘good’

Held this past Sunday, starting at 2 p.m., for the second year in row, a group of DJs who calls themselves The Good Guys hosted their “A Good Thanksgiving” event.

Five murdered on East 92nd Street

Jalonte described his mother as a great woman and told us “she was not only a mom, but she was a mom to everyone who needed one and a child of God.

Community mourns Marah Avenue murder victims

The case is still under investigation, but investigators did find bullet casings in the car’s backseat.

Justice denied in Ferguson: What’s next for Cleveland?

It was well settled that the criminal justice system and police culture has never been favorable to [B]lack males in the United States. Ferguson’s decision not to indict the police officer that killed Michael Brown reinforces and underscores a painful ...

Cleveland police shoot, kill 12-year-old boy

There is no justification for killing the 12 year old child,” said Cleveland activist John Boyd.

St. Louis commits to police diversity amidst racial unrest in Missouri

In July, the Ethical Society released a statement criticizing the demographics of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department – saying that for the last 30 years,

Union Miles Development Corporation receives top honors

One of the newest attractions to the area was the building of Miles Pointe on East 131 Street. Miles Pointe Crossing is a $6.3 million dollar redevelopment of 6.64 acres into a new green built retail center

Urban League host 24th EOD Luncheon

This year, they have decided to change location but not the program to better serve the Greater Cleveland community, said Mockabee.

Local group takes on needs of the Oppressed People

On top of serving the people, OPN has been involved in several demonstrations to call attention to injustices. They are also in the process of organizing the residents of East Cleveland. At 5:45 p.m. every Thursday evening, there will be ...

Barnes sues the party – his own

The Call & Post attempted to reach out to Chris Redfren numerous times and never got a call back.

Former band member convicted in 2011 hazing death

Champion, 26, a drum major from Decatur, Ga. died after a band hazing ritual that was seen as a rite of passage.

Black Shield Scholarship Dinner

After the ceremony and presentations the night was capped off with dancing. Hampton is looking forward to next year’s event and is hoping to get more of the community and businessmen involved.

Black Pollster: ‘Democrats got their [butts] whipped’

As the Democrats gear up for the 2016 elections, Mary Frances Berry, a history professor at the University of Pennsylvania and the chair of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission under President Bill Clinton, said that the voter suppression efforts are ...