Jack Schron’s ‘crossing the tracks’ for votes

Schron has values and believes in family, something he was raised with.

Lawsuit filed against Ganley Nissan

Having your liberty stripped from you when your very accusers are the ones committing fraud is and continues to be extremely agonizing for Mrs. Haugabrook.

Cop charged with misdemeanor after killing elderly Black man

Some law enforcement experts believe that in the 15 minutes Craven followed Satterwhite, he should have realized that he was going home.

Abortion related death continues to occur

Pro-life advocates suggest that the numbers aren’t accurate since not all clinics have reporting protocol in place, not all states report, and abortion related deaths are often categorized as heart attacks.

Plenty ‘opportunity’ lies along the ‘corridor’

This announcement was huge for the minority community and shows they are making a step in improving minority inclusion. ODOT has also pledge to increase training and access to jobs, which was part of the original vision for this initiative.

U.S. Supreme Court block Ohio ‘souls’ from the polls

But we will not stop fighting back. It’s what we do. It’s who we are and we need you with us.

CBC Joins Black Churches for ‘Freedom Sunday’ Campaign

Medicaid and food stamps that would disproportionately hurt Blacks. During a recent press conference at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Headquarters, Fudge, joined by Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.), Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) and Donna Brazile, vice ...

Horseshoe Cleveland has been voted the top casino in Ohio in 15 categories

ROC invested $350 million to transform four floors of the Higbee Building into a full-service gaming destination.

DNA ties serial rapist to August 30th sexual assault in Lakewood

The Cleveland rape occurred on West 104th Street, just south of Lake Avenue.

Police Blotter Week of September 24, 2014

A big ugly pit bull is running loose and he’s chasing folk down the street: HURRY UP and get out here there’s a big ugly meat hound chasing folks up and down the street

Spirit Airlines fly's into Cleveland

New Spirit Airlines to start flying out of Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

President Obama becomes 7th president to sign Declaration to Fulfill Promise of America

Gen. Colin L. Powell, USA (ret.) who served as the founding chairman of America's Promise Alliance. "Their future and our future are one and the same."

New Group tries to tackle violence in the Black community

Non-Violent Change and help to patrol various neighborhoods. Out of this call the Society for Non-violent Change and the two groups who answered have dubbed themselves “Organizations United for Peace.”

Ohio Voter Bill of Rights gearing up for conference

“The Ohio Voter Bill of Rights ballot initiative has mobilized volunteers throughout the state. To stop now would be a disservice to all those who are continuing to work as we speak.

Edward E. Strowder dies in Florida

For nearly six decades, the Strowder's Funeral Home & Cremation Services has been a staple in the Glenville Community. Founded by Mr. Edward E. Strowder and Mrs. Loretta J. Strowder in 1951;