Ferguson Increased Revenue by Targeting Blacks

Beyond the compounding fines and frequent traffic stops, Ferguson police, charged with upholding the law, ran roughshod all over it,

Murders keep Fourth District busy

On Saturday, March 14, at approximately 12:45 a.m. Fourth District officers responded to a call for a male shot at E. 135th and Miles.

James H. Hewitt III sworn in as new judge

Hewitt was appointed by Ohio Governor John Kasich on January 30, 2015 to fill the seat.

Report: Columbus is one of the most ‘economically segregated’ cities in the nation

Local economists weighed in. One of them, Bill Lafayette, who is the owner of Regionomics agreed, saying that far too often poor people live among other poor people and wealthy people pretty much do the same,

Two Heartless Felons sentenced in the death of Curtis Marks

He was to be sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison.

Black firefighters overlooked for promotions

They have 53 captains: 51 White, 1 Black and 1 Hispanic. That’s 96 percent of White participation.

Signatures sought for Mayor Jackson recall

Many attendees said they felt Jackson promoted irresponsible police administrators in recent years and hired unqualified, unstable officers on the force.

Mayor Norton gives the state of the ‘other’ Cleveland

Making the best decision must be accompanied by exploring their options, what I think we should do at this point is explore the option of merger

Introducing the FLOTUS

Clevelander got the honor of introducing First Lady Michelle Obama

Coleman’s final address full of pomp for a remarkable career, historic feats

Because of his deep passion for downtown revitalization and development, Coleman expressed his commitment to continue working with Connect Realty to develop affordable pads at the heart of downtown.

Reed tries to reestablish trust between community and cops

The night was heated to keep it mildly. This meeting was meant to be a dialogue to encourage the residents to speak out and the police to respond openly.

Jackson's apology rings hollow

They showed a video on the television where a timer shows that the officers, after driving up to the pavilion, shot Rice within less than a second actually .792 seconds.

Black History Month feature A look back at Historic the Café Tia Juana

To counter the press’ racist commentary of Blacks and to highlight Black achievement, a group of free Black men founded, in 1827, the first black newspaper, Freedom’s Journal.

Man celebrates 93rd birthday on roller skates

Jackson described music as extremely important when it comes to movement. The music drives the beat.

Chalk Linez shooter held on $500,000 bond

Shine has been arrested almost every year beginning in 2005. His early arrests were mostly related to property crimes. The crimes increased in severity over time and several were gun-related.