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Man arrested at Cleveland Hopkins Airport

Cleveland Police came to Hopkins Airport from call from TSA officers who detected a firearm

This week's Police Blotter September 3, 2014

Enjoy this week's Police Blotter

Officer named in Police shooting on East 140th

Police released name of officer involved in shooting

Cleveland Journalism Hall of Fame inductees named

The Press Club of Cleveland created the Cleveland Journalism Hall of Fame in 1981

Man killed after firing at police

One things that’s very clear from a few witnesses, the police had no other choice but to defend himself.

Cleveland welcome's Charles Steele Jr. and George Curry

George Curry and SCLC President Charles Steele are making their way around Cleveland, Ohio today.

United Way of Greater Cleveland kicks off 2014 campaign at school

After 20 years of cooking and serving pancakes on Public Square, this morning they went into schools.

Editorial: Hoodies and hands up or hit them where it hurts

From there, we must begin to understand what it means to be a citizen of this country and the civic duty we’re to uphold. We have to start demanding that city safety departments sincerely and actively recruit and hire minority ...

Jesse Jackson Will expand Silicon Valley Initiative to other sectors

He continued, “We feel diminished by corporate power. If we could fight the government, surely we can fight a corporation. This is just the first step with Silicon Valley.

From Cleveland to Ferguson and back again

After the rioting and looting that took place that night, she felt like heading back to Ferguson to help clean up or to pitch in somehow.

Federal Bar Association Chapter to Honor Civil Rights leader with “Pillar of Justice” Award

He has worked with numerous community organizations, including serving on the Board of Trustees of the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati, the Board of Directors of KnowledgeWorks Foundation, and the Advisory Board of the Urban Morgan Institute for Human ...

You can be fired for not being Black enough

When Brothers was fired, Collier got her job and Murray noted that the association supported Collier’s insubordination. Murray wrote that Collier still showed “a continuing, petty vindictiveness” toward Brothers that he said he found “appalling.”

Can Ferguson change the ritual of Black deaths

Those concerned that Brown's death might not be fairly investigated took note of the high-profile appearance of Eric Holder, America's first black attorney general, in Ferguson to meet with locals and discuss the federal probe he ordered.

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