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NEON spreads holiday cheer

The Helping Hands Holiday Fair was held at the Miles-Broadway Health Center located 9127 Miles Avenue, NEON’s newest location. Established in 1967, NEON, (formerly known as Hough Norwood), is one of the oldest and largest Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) ...

Find the best foods to fight cancer in produce aisles 5 foods that could lower your cancer risk

It is considered a complete protein because it contains all nine essential amino acids. Quinoa is also rich in fiber and minerals like iron, magnesium and calcium, plus phytonutrients like quercetin.

Planned Parenthood wants their ‘choice’ heard

However, it will be poor women who can’t afford to go to Canada or Mexico or a physician who is willing to perform the surgery and called it something else – a D&C (Dilation and Curettage) procedure.

Abortion related death continues to occur

Pro-life advocates suggest that the numbers aren’t accurate since not all clinics have reporting protocol in place, not all states report, and abortion related deaths are often categorized as heart attacks.

Black race headed for extinction or attack on Women’s Reproductive Rights?

When considering race and abortion, it becomes difficult to ignore the controversy around Sanger, a birth control advocate, sex educator,

300 abortions logged for Buckeye area women

Wilson lives behind a surviving son, according to Dr. Day Gardner, a spokesperson for the family. She also confirmed Wilson was an organ donor.

The Affordable Care Act supports patient-centered medical homes in health centers

Today’s awards help support high quality care and updated facilities for the millions of newly insured.

NAACP and McDonald’s join forces to promote healthy eating, healthy lifestyles and physical activity

For several years, we have noticed the great strides McDonald’s has made with regard to nutrition through the evolution of the menu and giving their customers choices that best suit their nutritional needs

“These kids have changed my life.”

So, while their friends are relaxing in their retirement, Roy goes to the playground, the library, doctor appointments, and support groups, and activities with other families at Adoption Network Cleveland.

15th Kym Sellers Foundation’s gala to honor Arnold Pinkney

Sellers hosts a radio program that airs weeknights from 7 p.m. to midnight called the Quiet Storm. She also served as a columnist for the Cleveland Life magazine as well as a freelance reporter for WKYC TV3 and WEWS TV5.

Senator Brown highlights UH Minority Welcome Dinner

In addition to the speech by the senator, the highlight of the evening was the presentation of awards. The Betty T. Pinkney Community Mentor Award went to Carolyn Hope.

Behavioral Health issues in the criminal justice system

In 1999, as a doctoral candidate at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Jarrett returned to Project L/EARN as an instructor.

Cleveland VA is A-OK

In fact, for the most part, local veterans are generally describing the service they receive at the Louis Stokes center in generally positive terms


Whether you are an avid runner, a family looking for a f,.:m outing or someone looking for a unique way to give back to your community, the Run/Walk for Home 5K is an event not to be missed!

Procedure has local celeb ‘back’ in the weight room

Vertebral Body Augmentation is a procedure where cement is injected into a broken bone of the spine.