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Kasich agrees with Dems, vetoes student driver line in transportation bill

In an interview last week, Williams told the Call & Post that while she was pleased with the transportation compromise, and while she applauded efforts of both Democrats and Republicans to find common ground to resolve the stalemate,

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Job set asides in Cleveland and Akron dealt a blow

The senate gained a lending hand when the measure shifted to the Ohio House of Representative where a panel, after reviewing the matter,

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Race for Ohio senate seat is heating up

Aside from Strickland being up in age, an issue which Portman will probably, and better off leaving alone, the race is likely to dwell a lot on the governor’s years as governor.

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Report: Columbus is one of the most ‘economically segregated’ cities in the nation

Local economists weighed in. One of them, Bill Lafayette, who is the owner of Regionomics agreed, saying that far too often poor people live among other poor people and wealthy people pretty much do the same,

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Coleman’s final address full of pomp for a remarkable career, historic feats

Because of his deep passion for downtown revitalization and development, Coleman expressed his commitment to continue working with Connect Realty to develop affordable pads at the heart of downtown.

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Governor Kasich to face a last minute challenger in GOP primary

It goes without saying that Stevenot has his work cut out for him as he seeks to dethrone a sitting governor in a primary race. So, what are his chances of pulling it off? Little to none, realistically.

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Dem lawmakers call on Kasich to drop requirement changes in SNAP program

“Individuals living in poverty in urban areas should not be treated differently than Individuals living in poverty in rural areas of Ohio,” they complained.

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Ohio gets Medicaid expansion

state legislature to go along with his proposed Medicaid expansion agenda, took his case to the state Controlling Board where the six member cabal of lawmakers approved the governor’s plan, causing jubilation among many who fought alongside Kasich to pull this off.

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Leader Heard bummed over plant closure in her district

“It is unacceptable that Gov. Kasich’s economic development agency would recommend a deal that resulted in job poaching from one Ohio community to another. The hard working men and women in my district who will lose their jobs because of this back-room deal deserve an explanation. I fear, however, that the dark cloud of secrecy surrounding JobsOhio will prevent the type of accountability that these hard working central Ohioans deserve,” said Heard.

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Kasich, Dems going at it over audit of JobsOhio books

Partisan cacophonies and scuffles have been raging ever since Kasich launched JobsOhio. The court eventually got involved and sided with Kasich, which allowed the entity to stay. But with a bruising gubernatorial contest looming, the likely Democratic nominee Ed Fitzgerald is really pushing the issue out to the forefront, recently accusing Kasich of corrupt practices. At the same time, State Auditor David Yost is fighting to gain access to JobsOhio books.

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