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Rodney J. Reynolds, a respected promoter of Black History

For three years he instilled in Reynolds how to use the dark room, burning plates, typesetting as well as a multitude of things involving printing. Reynolds kept the bug and went to UC and took it to another level.

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Christopher Amira Studio open at new location

Even during the grand opening, stylists continued to service their clients. Quincy Jones said she loves her stylist, Jonathan Worley, who has worked at the studio for awhile.

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Chalk Linez shooter held on $500,000 bond

Shine has been arrested almost every year beginning in 2005. His early arrests were mostly related to property crimes. The crimes increased in severity over time and several were gun-related.

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GCC gives their four recommendations from DOJ Report

This meeting stemmed from the DOJ report where they had found a pattern and practice of Cleveland police officers using excessive force and violating rights.

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Clifford Pinkey is the ‘new sheriff in town’

While providing comments, Pinkney smiled as he thanked his mother for her support and guidance over the years. Pinkney is the second oldest of five.

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Cleveland Police bring body camera to the community

During the PowerPoint demonstration, they showed the docking station that will be at police stations and officers can upload their data anytime.

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Cavaliers in first place

James along with his team are now in first place in the Central Division and looking good going into the break for the All Star weekend coming up. It’s nice to see everybody coming together playing hard and well.

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All aboard “A train called Freedom”

Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglas are on the train and then they pick up Sojourner Truth and Elijah McCoy who gives you a history lesson about discovering who you really are before Vida Posey comes back and sing “Can’t Let Nobody Turn Me Around,” which wrecked the whole church.

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LeBron James named 2015 NBA All Star game starter

James now has a few more players he must mentor like newcomer J.R. Smith who recently came with a trade of Dion Waiters. Smith enters a team with James,

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GCC asking for change with DOJ report

Rev. Colvin who has been very outspoken about justice in Cleveland feels everyone must take a stance on the DOJ report. “Many complaints about the police department were aired about a year ago when the Justice Department came to Olivet

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