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Elder Jonathon S. Pressley presented in concert

At a very early age, Pressley began singing solos for the morning worship services at his uncle’s and godparent’s church.

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Cleveland Indians lose home opener

Gaylord Perry a 76-year-old former all star pitcher for the Indians, throw out the first pitch

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Toddler shot and killed by 3 year old

Police are still trying to piece together the events leading up to the shooting, Williams said, but he told reporters at least one adult was home when it happened.

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East Cleveland officer dies in crash

Officer Joiner leaves behind not only a thankful community and police department, but also a beautiful daughter who must now come to grips with her father being unable to see her off to prom and walk her down the aisle of marriage.

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Cavaliers big three did it

Cavs are ready for post season

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Lebron James breaking records

James who seems to have took some of the players under his wing and brought some of skill to the hardwood. James also won the award in February;

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‘The Cross’ celebrates death of Christ

Pastor Johnson told the story of the Jenkins Family dealing with the death of their only son (Jimmy Jenkins Jr.) played by Johnathon Johnson. His earthly father (Jimmy Jenkins Sr.) played by Pastor Johnson was not a believer and often taunted his wife Florence

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Manslaughter trial begins for Brelo

Brelo waived his right to a jury trial last month. P

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Mayor Gary Norton holds merger meeting

The meeting last week had 450 in attendance and they gained 310 signatures in favor of the merger.

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Browns GM Ray Farmer suspended four games

The Browns have been faced with a lot of scandals this year and the texting inquiry was just one of several issues to hound the Browns this winter. Along with Johnny Manziel’s trip to rehab

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