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Brelo verdict gives police license to kill

Today we have been told – yet again – our lives have no value. By any measure, the firing of more than a hundred rounds of ammunition by the Cleveland Police Department toward two unarmed citizens was extreme, excessive, and unnecessary.

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Cleveland Cavaliers going to the Finals

Each game someone has had the super hot hand. JR Smith has came up big and even set a record for 3 point shots for the Cavs. James Jones has played extremely well and hit some 3’s at the right time.

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Preachers led march against Brelo verdict

“The criminal justice system needs to improve training for police officers, reduce the number people being sent to prison, and increase the use of drug courts to get treatment for drug addicts instead of putting them behind bars,” Colvin said.

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Groundbreaking for long-awaited African American Cultural Garden

But, in order to make it to the finish line, it will need that second wind of energy from the African American community and other community stake holders.

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Concerned Men hold community meeting, prepare Cleveland to not be another Baltimore

They had 113 officers injured, 114 vehicle fires and 19 structural fires.

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African American Garden groundbreaking on May 11

The Call & Post has been covering these events over the years and former editor Connie Harper maintain a great passion for seeing the garden happen.

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JFK Alumni planning 50th All Class Gala

Johnston came out in 1968 and held the Alumni Association together with Attorney Earl Williams and Silas Ashley. Working in the community has been a big wish for the JFK Alumni Association.

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Cavaliers sweep Boston, advance to next round

In Game 3, Crowder beat up everybody on the Cavs team, many times he fouled LeBron James and the referees turned their back

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Minority Men’s Health Fair held this week

The Minority Men’s Health Center also serves as a primary medical center home for men through collaboration with the Medicine Institute and Kidney Transplant Center for the early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of primary medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease and access to kidney transplantation.

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Preachers brace for Brelo case

Pastor Charles Matthews Jr. and spoke on behalf of the younger ministers.

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