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'Leap of Faith' jumps right out at you

The good Rev. is not like your ordinary everyday preacher. He has tricks and the gift of gab that will have you selling your first born for his ministry and even your wedding ring until he finds love from the very woman who wanted to shut him down and let the world know he was a fraud.

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Gaines Funeral Home caters to all

Their professional team of funeral directors and staff will assist you in making your dreams a reality. People find comfort for years to come when they can stand and say I did it my way.

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NEON spreads holiday cheer

The Helping Hands Holiday Fair was held at the Miles-Broadway Health Center located 9127 Miles Avenue, NEON’s newest location. Established in 1967, NEON, (formerly known as Hough Norwood), is one of the oldest and largest Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) in the country with seven locations, a dental van and numerous outreach sites including nursing homes, schools and Job Corps.

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Johnny Manziel to start next week too

Manziel’s was drafted 22 in the draft and remember so was Brandon Weeden, but Manziel debut didn’t live up to the hype that fans felt his was worth.

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Lack of training possible cause of Tanisha Anderson’s death

The Anderson family said they watched Tanisha Anderson die after a cop used a takedown move to slam her to the pavement. “My niece did not have to die,” said Michael.

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Johnny Manziel will start next week

Manziel has to be there key for the Browns to win. “I’m very appreciative of the opportunity that Coach Pettine and the coaching staff have given me to be the starter on Sunday.

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Mayor Jackson administration walks out of city council meeting

“This deals with what happened to the department under your watch. I do believe you should step down and Marty Flask should step down,” said Johnson. “I don’t think that’s radical; I think that’s reasonable.”

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Attorney General Eric Holder: Cleveland Police use excessive force

Some of the officers’ search and seizures, Holder added, violated the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The department examined nearly 600 use-of-force incidents that occurred between 2010 and 2013.

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Mother of Tamir Rice speaks out

Samaria told reporters she did not allow those types of toys (play guns) in her house and that her son got it from a friend. “Tamir was a bright child. He had a promising future.

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Five murdered on East 92nd Street

Jalonte described his mother as a great woman and told us “she was not only a mom, but she was a mom to everyone who needed one and a child of God.

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