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Wild about the latest ape movie:

As a cadre of kind-hearted scientists trek their way to beg Caesar to allow them to work on a broken-down hydraulic power-plant, unaccosted by untrusting primates

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Man dies after being choked by NYPD

A voice off camera serving as an on-the-scene “street narrator” can be heard saying “Once again the police are beating-up on people and all he did was break up a fight. And this is what happens for breaking up a fight

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Home court advantage

Just as heartbreaking as the Lebron odyssey began, it suddenly and almost unbelievably, against the odds turned heart-warming in our favor.

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The science of a city merger

Cleveland Councilman Kevin Conwell has taken on an analysis matrix style of assessing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (S.W.O.T.) of merging the Cleveland and East Cleveland.

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Robyn Simone's event says kisses not bruises

Domestic violence is a major cause Simone is adamant about.

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‘The residents of East Cleveland are collateral damage of mismanagement’

If all of this doesn’t get the attention of East Cleveland as to the hole it is in, maybe a resolution drafted by the Planning Commission will.

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Oatman and Ashley are ‘crazy’ for Community Theater

“This is a piece where Ashley is the only person I thought of"

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Roberts Rules of ‘dis-order’ at another E.C. library meeting

The saga that has become the East Cleveland Library Board of Trustees continued this past Monday night.

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Beauty, brains and barometric pressure

With these last few months seeming like the coldest temperatures and most snow ever, we needed to get her expert analysis.

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E.C. School Board attempts to give Fambrough and Branch the boot

As to the trustees’ dismissal of Marcus-Bey as Library Director, Branch responded, “She was insubordinate and had a negative attitude within the first month that she got there.

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