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Roberts Rules of ‘dis-order’ at another E.C. library meeting

The saga that has become the East Cleveland Library Board of Trustees continued this past Monday night.

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Beauty, brains and barometric pressure

With these last few months seeming like the coldest temperatures and most snow ever, we needed to get her expert analysis.

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E.C. School Board attempts to give Fambrough and Branch the boot

As to the trustees’ dismissal of Marcus-Bey as Library Director, Branch responded, “She was insubordinate and had a negative attitude within the first month that she got there.

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East Cleveland heated over firing of library director

On Monday, Dec. 30, board members William Fambrough (board president), Devin Branch, Charles Bibb and Ed Parker voted to remove the director, while Turner, Leontine Synor and Mary Rice voted in favor of Marcus-Bey keeping her job.

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Is East Cleveland headed for bankruptcy?

East Cleveland City Council Vice-President Chantelle C. Lewis, whose term ends this month, says that for three years council tried to cut the budget in opposition to the mayor, to avoid the current circumstance.

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The Mary J Blige, Chill collaboration

Catching up with “MJB” on the West coast, Kevin Chill Heard was able to collab for an interview session with the “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul” about her life, her music, and her new Christmas album.

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Jennifer Hudson in ‘Black Nativity’ is a ‘weight’ worth ‘watching’

While in sunny California to interview the cast of “Black Nativity,” the Call and Post had a chance to interview the lovely and still maintaining her much publicized Weight Watchers figure, Jennifer Hudson.

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Federal government is closed

Statewide, about 52,000 federal employees in Ohio will be furloughed (given unpaid leave). In Cleveland, the NASA Glenn Research Center in Brook Park will be impacted, as nearly 2,000 people’s paychecks will come to a screeching halt, as well as many of Cleveland’s Head Start locations.

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Isaiah Washington exposes his murderous portrayal of the D.C. Sniper in ‘Blue Caprice’

This writer once described Isaiah Washington as one of the most interesting actors ever to be interviewed. While he has been involved in his share of Hollywood controversy, he’s proven time and again to possess a unique agility in capturing a very real and raw essence of the character he portrays.

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Anatomy of a suicide

To some, Castro’s demise was a fitting end to a horrible crime that captured international attention, as three young women, Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus, were kidnapped, beaten and sexually assaulted over a ten-year period on Cleveland’s Westside.