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Black students at Kent State stage “die-in”

Among other students who spoke during the demonstration, the common messages were to emphasize that Black lives matter

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You can be fired for not being Black enough

When Brothers was fired, Collier got her job and Murray noted that the association supported Collier’s insubordination. Murray wrote that Collier still showed “a continuing, petty vindictiveness” toward Brothers that he said he found “appalling.”

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New York newspaper calls President Obama the n-word

The article, written by James Lincoln Collier, despite the use of the racist slur was actually pro-Obama and also criticized “racism” by the far right. Collier wrote,

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America’s police are becoming military soldiers

The report documents numerous tragedies caused by police carrying out unwarranted SWAT raids, including a 26-year-old mother shot with her child in her arms and a 19-month-old baby critically injured when a flash bang grenade landed in his crib.

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Rock & Dock opens as part of the North Coast Harbor

Rock & Dock will host a number of events to attract visitors to the area including paddle boat races, exercise classes and will collaborate with North Coast Harbor’s management team, Downtown Cleveland Alliance, to present other recreational activities.

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Jews caught using racist terms to refer to Blacks

Kushi is a Hebrew slur for dark skinned people and but today its English equivalent is the N-word.

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Rep. John Conyers re-introduces U.S. to the idea of reparations

The eight page legislation was co-sponsored by Congressman Bobby Rush and said that four million Africans and their descendants were enslaved in the United States and colonies that became the U.S. from 1619 to 1865. The bill said that the U.S. government sanctioned slavery from 1789 through 1865.

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Destroying the myth of the missing Black father

Black fathers are important and active in their children’s lives, despite negative images and stereotypes

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Black teen accepted to all eight Ivy League Schools

Enin volunteers in the Stony Brook University Hospital radiology department and hopes to pursue a career in medicine, possibly to become a cardiologist or neurologist.

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Heroin has reached epidemic levels in Cuyahoga County

Although most of the new users are from the suburbs and roughly half of the deaths are too, most of the heroin is found in the inner city of Cleveland.

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