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85 richest people have same wealth as 3.5 billion poorest

They keep the wealth concentrated in the hands of a few and they make sure it’s there for the next generation.

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African migrant’s protests harsh treatment in Israel

One right wing lawmaker, Miri Regev , even referred to the migrants as a “cancer.” The Jews say they want to deport the Africans but international law forbids them from sending them back to their countries because their lives would be in danger.

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Blacks lag behind Whites in retirement savings

Blacks also tend to carry greater burdens such as credit card debt, student loans and other types of debt that severely limits their ability to save for retirement.

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Republicans block another Obama nominee

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia is one of the most influential courts in the land because it regularly rules on the constitutionality of new laws and regulations. It’s oftentimes the next step away from the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Pain suffered by Black boys and young men in report

The report quotes New Orleans Mayor Mitchell Landrieu who says “America is drunk on violence and those paying the highest price are African American males.”

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Somalia’s pirates come back into the spotlight

Somali piracy enjoys widespread support in Somalia. It has gone from fisherman trying to protect their waters to criminals trying to make a fast come up. Somali pirates usually attack commercial ships, take hostages and demand large ransoms.

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Thousands of Ohio inmates languish away in prison

Since 1996, judges have given most offenders “flat time,” or exact sentences, meaning the only hearing they get is upon release, when the board decides if they need post-release control or not.

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Black World for the Week of 9-4-13

David Marsters, who is running for selectman in Sabattus, took to Facebook and posted this status about the president: “Shoot the N**ger.”

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Single fathers on the rise, says study

The number of single-father households has increased nine fold since 1960, from less than 300,000 to more than 2.6 million in 2011.

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Black women can get loans just as easily as White men

Harkness unveiled her study at the 108th Annual meeting of the American Sociological Association. The study used previous research that suggested lending markets usually work against certain groups. “Evidence shows that disparities in funding outcomes are partially due to the actions of lenders,” said Harkness in the study. “I wanted to know what borrower characteristics lenders were picking up on.”

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