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North Central Correctional Institution sold;

Sears also said money from the sale will be spent on re-entry initiatives designed to reduce the recidivism rates, and she would rather use the saved dollars for taking care of prisoners.

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Ohio lawmakers fight "Pink Tax" on feminine products

States that have already repealed taxes on feminine hygiene products include Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Minnesota. Canada and Australia recently eliminated the “Pink Tax” as well.

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Shaker superintendent Dr. Hutchings continues tradition of success

His philosophy is that every child has a right to a high quality education regardless of whatever their circumstances may be

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Social worker learns 'education is a game changer'

Betts found the experience to be completely enriching and life changing

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Chisholm changes culture of education at CEOGC

"I'm a big believer in vision," said Chisholm, who remembers going on a school field trip to Severance Hall and looking over the balcony to see CWRU then asking a teacher "what is that?"

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Clevelanders to march for ‘a brighter tomorrow’

As we all know, April 4th marks the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Charlie Wilson continues to prove he'll be around 'forever'

Uncle Charlie continued to warn the fellows in Cleveland, "She’s going to hear about it from her girlfriends and she’s going to be looking at you like you are an alien.

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East Cleveland Mayor Norton starts to consider merger

He asks if East Cleveland is prepared to inherit Cleveland Department of Justice issues and abusive police? He also questions if it'll help or hurt their school district?

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These ‘guys’ make Thanksgiving ‘good’

B&M BBQ hosts 'A Good Thanksgiving'

Held this past Sunday, starting at 2 p.m., for the second year in row, a group of DJs who calls themselves The Good Guys hosted their “A Good Thanksgiving” event.

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John Carroll hires chief diversity officer

As John Carroll's student body is about 86 percent White, Mills thinks one of the important things that we as African Americans need to do to help institutions as well as society become more inclusive is to really is assert our right to be involved.

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