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CEOGC names Thea Wilson director of head start

They still teach the basics: alphabet, sounds and numbers. "But children who are excelling, we don't hold them back. So you can have a four year old who is ready."

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Eighth grade girl commits to full basketball scholarship at Xavier

That would be devastating to her. This point guard/shooting guard already hates to miss practice.

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Planned Parenthood wants their ‘choice’ heard

However, it will be poor women who can’t afford to go to Canada or Mexico or a physician who is willing to perform the surgery and called it something else – a D&C (Dilation and Curettage) procedure.

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Abortion related death continues to occur

Pro-life advocates suggest that the numbers aren’t accurate since not all clinics have reporting protocol in place, not all states report, and abortion related deaths are often categorized as heart attacks.

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Reading RAMM studies Roller Coasters in Motion

In addition to building a model coaster, the students at Collinwood produced a song and documentary about the experience. Those students were so engaged in the project that Banks though it might be a good idea to introduce it to his students in Richmond Heights.

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Black race headed for extinction or attack on Women’s Reproductive Rights?

When considering race and abortion, it becomes difficult to ignore the controversy around Sanger, a birth control advocate, sex educator,

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300 abortions logged for Buckeye area women

Wilson lives behind a surviving son, according to Dr. Day Gardner, a spokesperson for the family. She also confirmed Wilson was an organ donor.

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Organization challenges community to ‘adopt-a-school’

Through this initiative, the Adopt-A-School network will steer support and resources toward public schools, charter schools and religious/Christians schools in the area

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Black arts institutions get piece of capital budget pie

And, like both Karamu House and The African American Museum, the receipt of these funds is a God send. “It’s critical to our future operations and our mission. We’ve changed our mission to focus on income and education because we know that’s critical for the community here,” said King.

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Soapbox Derby fails to recognize highest ranked Black racer

She started racing only two years before claiming her title. With the assistance of her uncle, cousin and two neighbors, she built the car herself. “My car was pink and it had ‘I have a dream’ on the side,” she said.

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