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300 abortions logged for Buckeye area women

Wilson lives behind a surviving son, according to Dr. Day Gardner, a spokesperson for the family. She also confirmed Wilson was an organ donor.

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Organization challenges community to ‘adopt-a-school’

Through this initiative, the Adopt-A-School network will steer support and resources toward public schools, charter schools and religious/Christians schools in the area

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Black arts institutions get piece of capital budget pie

And, like both Karamu House and The African American Museum, the receipt of these funds is a God send. “It’s critical to our future operations and our mission. We’ve changed our mission to focus on income and education because we know that’s critical for the community here,” said King.

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Soapbox Derby fails to recognize highest ranked Black racer

She started racing only two years before claiming her title. With the assistance of her uncle, cousin and two neighbors, she built the car herself. “My car was pink and it had ‘I have a dream’ on the side,” she said.

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The Republican National Committee might as well

With the losses they’ve experienced in the last two presidential elections, the accommodations being suitable and African Americans representing more than half of city’s population, the RNC might as well bring their show to Cleveland.

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The Call &Post salutes Sabrina Humphries

In 2004, her students received an honorable mention in the History Day Competition. As cheerleader advisor, her squad won first place in the city-wide competition.

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Ramsey proves spotting a hero is not always a ‘dead giveaway’

But, all in all, he wants people who read the book to know they can relate to him, a man who will help someone in dire straits.

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Now boarding: Students looking for ‘A Better Chance’

“A Better Chance has opened so many doors for my children. They have equipped them with the best educational opportunities available,” said Monica Miller.

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Procedure has local celeb ‘back’ in the weight room

Vertebral Body Augmentation is a procedure where cement is injected into a broken bone of the spine.

Alumni support of East Tech champs ‘meant more than a title’

When East Tech won the regional championship, it meant more than a chance at a state title.

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State of Black children dismal at best

According to the report, the number of Black children in poverty has been holding steady for over the last decade at 10 to 11 million. Unfortunately, the same children haven’t fared that well in society. They are the poorest children in America.

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E.C. School Board attempts to give Fambrough and Branch the boot

As to the trustees’ dismissal of Marcus-Bey as Library Director, Branch responded, “She was insubordinate and had a negative attitude within the first month that she got there.

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Garden Valley among highest new HIV cases

Across the United States, more than 30 years into the disease, Blacks make more new cases of HIV/AIDS than any other ethnic group and is also less likely to receive access to care.

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One woman’s testimony of surviving HIV/AIDS

A mother of two children, working as a supervisor at the Holiday Inn, the news devastated her and ultimately changed her life. Because she learned of her status around the end of October,

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United Black Christians honors education advocate

Ressenger, a former educator as well, said children need a challenging curriculum, pre-school, strong teachers, and the instruments necessary for learning. But, often times, she feels as though no one is listening to her – except members of the UBC.

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Patti LaBelle to sing for Cleveland’s ‘youth’

Concert at the State Theater to benefit the Cleveland organization, Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Providing a first-time work experience is one of the things Y.O. U. typically do for the children. And thanks to the collaboration between the city of Cleveland and Y.O.U, not all of the city’s youth spent the summer roaming the streets, wreaking havoc. Through this partnership, many gained valuable experience by working at the city’s Department of Water (DOW) in Harvard Ave., one of the many sites provided throughout Cleveland.

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Maple Heights man says he sparked county corruption probes

A lot of these stories originated in my living room. And, nothing I’m saying is untrue. It’s all public record.” Colley said he wrote the book, that started out as simply notes,