Bishop Speaks

Bishop Speaks Week of 10-23-2013

Tenant vs. Landlord… “I’m Not Moving”


Round and round and round this thing goes, how and when it’s going to end only God knows. But guess what? I’m not moving! Moving is just too easy. Matter of fact, I have my new location with my first month’s mortgage. This beautiful condo on the lake has been empty for six years. The owners said to me, “Bishop, my husband and I have been following you for years through your music and your Bishop Speaks Columns.” The couple living in Florida encouraged me to stick to my new mission with the landlord and move in when the last violation is corrected. Wow! They knew and understood my vision well and, just like Rosa Parks who refused to MOVE and give up her seat, I refuse to move and leave this unit I’ve been renting for over five years dealing with violation after violation. I’ve said this before on my radio talk show and I’ll say it again, “We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.” When mentioning Rosa Parks, it was a race issue in her day. But right now, it’s a tenant issue and what a landlord can and cannot continue to get away with. For five years and now eight months, I’ve lived at a location where the landlord had his way and always had his say. I’ve seen tenant after tenant move because of violations dealing with housing, health and electrical, with him often telling them if you don’t like it MOVE. I’m sharing this journey because, just as you have an obligation to pay your rent monthly, the landlord has an obligation to make sure your dwelling unit is up to the proper standards of the housing court. Once my money was put into rent escrow the famous two questions I often hear is, “Why don’t you just move” and the main two questions I often hear from the landlord is “How and when can I get him out and what about his rent?” I said this on my radio talk show and I’m printing it again. “Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is what you get if you don’t. Had I not knew my rights as a tenant and not did things according to the legal rental rights I would not still be here at this location now. The landlord, once my rent went into escrow, turned on me like Judas turned on Jesus. Now, I ask myself,” am I the Villain, someone said to be the cause of a particular trouble or evil? or am I the Victim, a person who is tricked, swindled or taken advantage of?” Everybody wants to change the world but nobody wants to change. Hopefully this landlord will correct the many violations so the next person moving in will say, “Well done, Bishop Moultry.”

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