Bishop Speaks

Bishop Speaks Week of July 2, 2014

Anger Elimination vs. Anger Management


I said last week in my Bishop Speaks column that “Everybody’s Crazy” but ‘this week’ as we start the month of July off I’m making another statement by saying “Everybody’s Angry.” Let me ask each of you my readers a question. If you had a choice of managing your anger or eliminating your anger all together which one would you go with? From the time I get up in the morning heading at 5a.m. to the gym I make it a point knowing what my schedule will be to not manage but eliminate as much stress and anger as possible. Never forget that God takes ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things through His grace but don’t ever think this bishop, your pastor or any spiritual leader don’t ever get angry or disappointed. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that ministry would be so much easier if it was not for people.
First, I want each of you to know that anger in itself is not sinful. Let’s go to the Word of God and see what it has to say about anger: Psalms 7:11, “God is angry with the wicked.” Mark 3:5 “Jesus was angry with the Pharisees.” Proverbs 14:17, “Be slow to become angry.” Proverbs 12:16, “A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent (patient) man overlooks an insult.” So just from these few Scriptures, we learn that it’s alright to be angry for just call but what’s important is how do one handle anger or not have to deal with it in the first place? I want each of you my readers to know that if we are going to be pleasing and Christ like from the time we get up in the morning till we go to bed at night. It’s important that we position ourselves to not have to manage anger but in reality not have to even deal with it. It’s true that there will be things that will happen throughout our day that we will have no control over that might upset us but I believe 99 percent of our day we can have control over to prevent us from getting angry. Power Point I To eliminate anger eliminate people that will cause you to get angry. Proverbs 23:9, “Don’t talk sense to a fool; he can’t appreciate it.” What’s a fool? An individual that you can’t talk sense to and when you try and share your knowledge and even share wisdom from God with them they won’t appreciate it. You’ll find yourself getting angry, getting stressed out and most likely flipping out. The less people you chill with the less problems you deal with. People always ask me, “Bishop why are you by yourself often while traveling?” When most bishop’s and pastor’s have an armor bearer, an assistant, a driver, a deacon or somebody with them I find joy just driving my auto myself listening to my CD’s, making my hospital calls and even working out at the gym all by myself. I’m like what the songwriter wrote, “I’m happy with Jesus alone.”

Also here’s another point I want to make which is if you’re not happy single you won’t be happy taken. I’m happy with myself as I’m happy with people in general but my point is to position yourself around people that will give you energy and not drain you and stress you out. Power Point II In Proverbs 22:24 it reads, “Don’t make friends with people who have hot and violent tempers. You might learn their habits and not be able to change. Our youth of today have become what they have seen through so much violence not only on TV but also from what they have seen in their own home and their community. They live the negative rap music that they see on the many music videos and many also play violent video games. The cousin of anger is “BITTERNESS”. Ephesians 4:31 “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. I want each of you to know that if anger is not dealt with it will grow into attitude which will turn into bitterness. How many of you know individuals that if you say, “Good Morning” they will respond, “What’s good about it”? Most likely they are bitter from issues of anger not dealt with. Bitterness belongs to the sinful nature. Galatians 5:19
As we start off July start with people, places and things that will help you to not Manage Anger but eliminate it by staying as far from things that will cause you anger in the first place. Get rid of a bad habit to start a good one! Don’t get Angry. Check out the bishop on Face Book under Bishop Prince J. Moultry