Bishop Speaks

Bishop Speaks Week of June 18, 2014

Father’s Day letters…

Bishop Moultry:

I’m writing you from prison. I read your columns weekly. My wife sends them. I just want to share with your readers that I’ve been locked up now for two years with one more year to go. It has not only affected me, it has affected my wife, mother and father and my three children (all boys) as well. In one of your articles, you said, “When anybody goes to prison, in reality, your love ones go as well. They are not physically behind bars but are hurting. This Father’s Day, my wife will be bringing my three sons to see me and it will make me happy yet sad because no child should have to see their father locked up behind bars. Bishop, I’m saying all this hoping that the young guys out there think before they do stupid stuff like I did and get locked up. I’m just twenty nine years old yet selling drugs and being involved in a gang and running with negative people put me behind. I take responsibility for my actions. Didn’t have a question just wanted all the young dudes out there with kids to know that it’s not a good feeling when your kids have to see you in prison and cry asking, “Daddy when are you coming home” when it’s time for them to leave. Thanks, Bishop, and know you are having a positive effect on me and many of the other inmates that read Bishop Speaks weekly.

Dear Bishop: I’m e-mailing you to tell you how this past Sunday was the best Father’s Day I had. My son promised his mother and me that he was going to spend Father’s Day with me and take his mother and me out to dinner with his wife and children. He also promised that he would, with his family, come on Sunday morning and follow his mother and I to church. Saturday night, I didn’t hear from him and no word from him on Sunday morning so his mother and I went on to church and I felt so sad. Bishop, I didn’t know he was at church with his family sitting about twelve rolls behind me until he walked up to the front and joined the Christian Faith accepting Christ as his personal Savior when the pastor opened the doors of the church. I cried, his mother cried and his wife cried as she walked up with their kids as well. His mother and I have been trying to get him to get involved in church and accept Christ for years and on Father’s Day he did. Bishop what made me cry after church service all over again was when he told me at the restaurant that he didn’t do it for me he did it for him yet he know it would make me proud of him, which it did. They all called me a big cry baby on Father’s Day and I agreed telling them that it was tears of joy. What a great gift bishop that any father can get on Father’s Day.

Bishop: I’m twenty one years old and I just wanted to share with everybody how I had a great time with my father on Father’s Day. On Father’s Day, my boyfriend and I took my father and mother out and I honored him because I respect him so much. Because of my father setting the example for me and keeping it real with me through our many talks, I’m still in college, still a virgin and still live with my father and my mother as well and not shacking up living with my boyfriend. My boyfriend, when he realized I was not going to have sex with him until we got married if that ever happens, was not happy but continues to be with me because he says he respects me and it’s really the right thing to do. I can go on and on Bishop about my father but I just wanted to share how what a girl sees in her father, she will most likely select as her date or mate. You said this in one of your columns and you’re 100 percent right. Thanks Bishop for letting me share this in my e-mail to you.

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