Black World

Black World Week of August 13, 2014

United States A diploma belonging to Harvard’s first African- American graduate, Richard T. Greener, has been the subject of concern after the man who found it threatened to burn the document last fall. Now, that diploma is in the hands of an auction that started last week. Rufus McDonald, a construction worker who found a cache of Greener’s artifacts, said he was going to burn it because Harvard didn’t offer him enough money. He had already sold many of Greener’s items for large sums of money and finally decided he would do the same with the college diploma.

MICHIGAN –A jury has convicted Renisha McBride’s killer, Theodore Wafer. Wafer was convicted of second-degree murder and manslaughter last Thursday. He claimed self defense and explained to the jury that when he saw the 19 year old approach his porch, he was hit with the feeling, “I’m not going to cower; I didn’t want to be a victim in my own house.” Wafer shot McBride through a screen door on Nov. 2 hours after she crashed into a parked car a half-mile from his house. No one knows why she ended up at the Dearborn Heights home, but prosecutors speculated that McBride may have been seeking help.

SOUTH CAROLINA – Chavonda Gallman of Spatanburg called the Sheriff’s Department after catching her 15-year-old son watching pornography on her living room television set. According to a sheriff’s report, the teen boy was in his bedroom when his 40-year–old realtor mom came home with his 2-year-old sister and a client. The toddler turned on the TV and porn popped up. Gallman immediately turned off the TV and sent the little girl from the room. She reportedly summoned the sheriffs because her son had been acting out lately, not listening, talking back and even stealing. Gallman allegedly wanted to officially document not only her son’s behavior, but the fact that her daughter was exposed to porn.

Africa The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the spread of Ebola in West Africa an international health emergency. WHO officials said a coordinated international response was essential to stop and reverse the spread of the virus. The announcement came after experts convened a two-day emergency meeting in Switzerland. More than 960 people have died from Ebola in West Africa this year. There were 68 new cases and 29 deaths reported over the course of two days. It brings the total number of cases to 1,779 with four in Nigeria, the most recent country to be affected. There were 26 new cases in Sierra Leone and 38 in Liberia, but no new cases in Guinea, where the outbreak began.

SOUTH AFRICA – The ex-wife of South Africa’s first Black President Nelson Mandela has demanded his village home for her children, potentially triggering the first legal dispute since his death. Winnie Madikizela Mandela’s lawyers said she was asserting her “customary rights” by demanding the house. Mandela’s estate was provisionally valued at $4.3 million following his death in December. The three times married Mandela divorced Madikizela-Mandela in 1996. The couple had two daughters, Zinzi and Zenani. Mandela has one surviving child, Makaziwe, from his first marriage to the late Evelyn Mase.

Middle East SUADI ARABIA – The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced tighter regulations for men wanting to marry foreigners, and has banned them from marrying expatriate workers from Chad and three other countries. Bridegrooms must give police a marriage proposal and ID signed by their local mayor, which will be sent to the government for consideration. They must be over 25 and wait at least six months after a divorce. For married men, they must attach a report from a government run hospital proving his wife is suffering from a chronic disease or is sterile. However married men with healthy wives need to have written proof their spouse will let the wedding take place.