Black World

Black World Week of July 16, 2014

United States GEORGIA – Residents of Thomaston rallied together last week demanding that Officer Phillip Tobin be fired from the police force for extreme acts of brutality. The townspeople reportedly took turns revealing the allegedly horrific stories of bully tactics and physical abuses that were committed by Tobin. The residents called on the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and the US Attorneys Office to not only investigate the allegations but also reprimand the town’s police department for keeping him employed for more than a decade despite the countless complaints brought against him over the years.

TEXAS – Lillie McClendon caught a would-be burglar in her home. The 83 year old Houston native had just stepped out of the shower and put some clothes in the laundry when she noticed an open window and that her house seemed a bit out of place. That’s when an intruder approached her and demanded money from her. That is when she began to give the burglar a good scolding. The intruder began choking her, still demanding money, until she got a stick and tried to hit him. Then she remembered she had a sausage on the stove and she put the hot water on him. That’s when the burglar left.

ILLINOIS- A Chicago teen survived being shot in the head last week and her uncle claims her weave may have helped save her life. He said doctors assumed that when the bullet kind of went in, it bounced out because she had weave in her hair. According to authorities, 18-year-old Chantal Hammontree was sitting in a car when shots were fired. Hammontree was the only person hit. The girl’s uncle Randy Berry said he believes it was gang related. This incident follows what was a deadly Fourth of July weekend where eleven people were killed and over sixty people shot.

Africa ETHIOPIA – The Ethiopian government says it had a moral obligation to arrest the opposition leader who was controversially extradited from Yemen last month. Andargachew Tsege was sentenced to death in 2009 while in exile plotting a coup. Andargachew a UK national, is secretary general of Ethiopia’s banned Ginbot 7 movement. The group says Andargachew was on his way from the United Arab Emirates to Eritrea when he was detained at Sanaa airport on June 24. Ethiopia and Eritrea are long time rivals and neighbors who fought a bitter border war between 1998 and 2000, which left over a 100,000 people dead.

BURUNDI – Burundi’s lower house of parliament has passed a bill intended to curb the country’s “proliferation of churches.” A government survey last year found there were 557 denominations practicing in the country. New regulations would require churches to have at least 500 members and a proper building. Evangelical churches mushroomed during and after the long ethnic based civil war, which officially ended in 2005 after over 300,000 people had died. The bill received unanimous support of MP’s in the National Assembly and is unlikely to face opposition in the Senate. Once signed into law churches would have a year to comply with the new regulations.

Caribbean JAMAICA – Administrative staff at Pembroke Hill Primary School are distressed because hoodlums robbed the school’s tuck shop twice in one week, leaving them to have to find a way to pay over $20,000 to pay suppliers. Among the items stolen were pastries, bottled water, juices and a hot plate. Principal Norma McNeil said she suspects it might be an inside job based on where robbers entered the building. McNeil said it appears that the thieves were planning to do more damage as they tried to enter another office but the alarm went off causing them to flee. McNeil said she hopes the thieves will be caught and face the full extent of the law.