Duffer's Alley

Duffer's Alley Week of August 13, 2014

If you heard a lot of rejoicing this weekend, it was golfers celebrating three entire days without a drop of rain. What a wonderful, sun filled weekend in Cleveland. If you’ve been following this column, you’ve notice that I haven’t had much to say about my golf game. We’ll, that’s because I’ve been taking lessons and my swing has been a hot mess (not that it was that great before). My new swing is competing with my old swing and the old swing wins more often than not. However, last week, the new swing started taking charge. I hit a number of shots that had that coveted draw (right to left direction) with the ball landing on the right center of the fairway. On Sunday, I played with Bill Patmon, Bob Davis and Ollie Davis, and if you’ve ever played with Bill and Bob, you know they hit long. Of course, Ollie may not be long, but most of the time he’s down the middle. Now when I stretch and extend like I’m supposed to do, I can get my driver out there with the big hitters, but that’s only if I do it just right. In any event, I’m preparing for the Cleveland NNGA club championship in two weeks, so I’ll be working on my short game and putting, which is where you score (and make a little money) in golf. In other NNGA news, the Independent Chapters of the NNGA (National Negro Golf Association) held their annual championship in San Diego, California over the weekend, and Cleveland sent a strong contingent. Now one thing about Cleveland, our golf season may not be as long as out west and in the south, but we can play some golf. Such was the case this weekend. Cleveland was represented by Ted Sims, Donald “Corky” Williams, William “Chief” Tell, Tom Roper and Eric Payne. And as usual, Cleveland showed them how to play this game. The Chief won the Senior Flight with a two day total of 134 net (170 gross) and Eric took second place in Championship Flight with a net 143 (gross 169). Congratulations to each of the winners. You may notice that I’ll often talk about a players net and gross scores. That’s because golfers who are serious about their games, get and keep an updated handicap card. I encourage all golfers to go to any credible public or private course (or do it online) and get a handicap. I personally won’t compete in a serious match with players who can’t produce an up-to-date handicap card. Now I’ll play casual golf with anybody, but if we’re doing anything else, got to see that handicap card. Well until next week, keep it in the short grass (and if you haven’t played this summer, what are you waiting for?).