Real Talk with Judge Dawson

Real Talk with Judge Dawson July 9, 2014

Why Do Boys Grow Up To Be Dangerous Men Part II. I’ve been writing about this subject in response to my participation as a panelist where this question was the topic. As a result of my preparation, I expanded my analysis of “dangerous men” to include “dangerous people.” This expansion is based on the fact that we know both men and women commit crimes. Being elected judge has different effects on each person. For me, it is nothing more than taking on the responsibility to be a leader, example and educator for the community. In this role, I regularly conduct workshops aimed at helping people discover and develop their leadership ability. The best part about these workshops is that they are absolutely free.
I’m basically begging people to come get this knowledge.
My recent workshop called “Hustle Rehab,” took a direct approach to analyzing and then correcting the ghetto mentality that can lead to a life of delinquency and crime. With this valuable information being shared through this provocative topic, I expected a standing room only audience in the courtroom. However, its’ hard to get people to come out and learn about change or bettering their lives.
That is one reason why young people grow into dangerous adults, failure to grow! The scriptures say “My people parish because of their lack of knowledge.” Today, this scripture is playing out in real time. True to form, and unfortunately, during the same time of my workshop four people were involved in the exact type of crime that my workshops aim to stop. Fox 8 News reported that four young men were arrested after reportedly beating a 16-year-old and taking his cell phone. According to Cleveland Heights police, it happened Monday, June 23, 2014 just before 6:30 p.m. As I said, this was right in the middle of my workshop called “Hustle Rehab: Turn Your Hood Swag Into Good Swag.” I can only imagine that if half the people who said they were going to come to the workshop came, if half the media outlets who knew about the workshop attended, if every parent who has a child who has been in trouble brought that child; lives would have been changed and ultimately saved.
If our community really cares about crime, we have to get actively involved. We have to be an example and leader of change. Even if you don’t worry about yourself or your family being a victim of crime, we should encourage development and leadership in our communities for the greater good and safety of all. The victim of this Cleveland Heights beating told police he’d been with the four male suspects at the Noble Road Library prior to the incident. They then walked to the Noble Elementary School playground where one of the suspects grabbed him from behind and strangled him until he lost consciousness, while the three other suspects searched his pockets and took his cell phone.
Two of the men, age 19, face adult charges. Two others are juveniles.
This is the world and communities that we live in. We can no longer sit back and think that crime won’t happen to us or our families. It takes a village to create a positive community. The next forum, “Why Do Young Boys Grow Into Dangerous Men,” The East Cleveland Library on July 21, 2014 at 5 p.m. will boldly address the problem, the lack of community collaboration but most importantly, the solutions.
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