Real Talk with Judge Dawson

Real Talk with Judge Dawson July 16, 2014

“Why Do Young Boys Grow Up To Be Dangerous Men” Part III.
We are one week away from a discussion that will provide solutions to a major problem in Cleveland and American as a whole. In the daily news there are examples of dangerous and violence acts in our community. One such act was played out in the City of Cleveland Heights when a popular business owner, Jim Brennan, was murdered in his restaurant. The allegations are that two sets of brothers conspired to rob Mr. Brennan when gun shots were fired. Mr. Brennan died later at a hospital. The charges are aggravated murder, aggravated robbery, kidnapping, obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence. Some may find it hard to believe that the charges in this case are against two sets of brothers. I find it very believable. I find it typical of what I see playing out in this day and age. Just a few weeks ago in my court, I told a set of brothers that it was obvious to me that their connection was not healthy. I could tell that they didn’t take the legal system seriously, I could tell that they were not capitalizing off their opportunities. I could tell that they were influencing each other to go further down the path of criminal activity.
The writing was clearly on the wall for the brothers that I had in my court room, so it is not that far of a stretch to find out that the robbery/murder in Cleveland Heights involves family members. On the topic of family members and crime, one reason that young boys are growing up to be dangerous men is that the family members are sleep at the wheel. I call it “Careless Care.” By careless care I am referring to the fact that too many people in this generation are not properly raising their children, with the morals and principles, to ensure that they make the right decision when faced with hard choices. Additionally, there are many parents who have blinders on. These parents ignore the fact that it doesn’t matter if the parent has morals and positivity in their heart. It doesn’t matter if the parent has learned many life lessons. If they are not communicating these lessons and morals to their children the children will find themselves in legal trouble or becoming violent. It is primarily up to the parents and the family to make sure young people are not growing up to be violent or dangerous.
Now, I know that some of you have the attitude that if violence is not in your life or your family then the issue doesn’t concern you. That is so far from the truth. First, don’t take it for granted that your decisions to stay crime free as a parent will automatically trickle down to your children. It will not. Don’t be careless in your care for your family. Don’t sit back and assume that everything is ok, that the youth will learn through your silence. Break the cycle, talk to the youth about violence, talk to the youth about crime. Don’t let another set of brothers, or any youth for that matter, find themselves in a situation where they become dangerous adults.
This is the world and the communities that we live in. We can no longer sit back and think that crime won’t happen to us or our families. It takes a village to create a positive community. The forum, “Why Do Young Boys Grow into Dangerous Men,” at the East Cleveland Library on July 21, 2014 at 5 p.m., will boldly address the problem, the lack of community collaboration but most importantly, the solutions.
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