Real Talk with Judge Dawson

Real Talk with Judge Dawson June 25, 2014

Cycle Breaker Leadership Principle number seven is "You Must Keep Learning. Education is vital to your success. It doesn't matter if you are eight or eighty years old, if you are not growing or learning you are dying. At a minimum, no matter how old we are, we have to know the basic current tools for survival. For example,you have to the traffic rules if you are traveling. Similarly, you have to know basic financial rules if you are a consumer. My point is that in order to be a leader, to be a Cycle a breaker, to live your best life you have to keep learning.

Court rooms across this country are full of people who don't have jobs or are working jobs beneath their potential because they didn't continue to learn and prepare themselves. Daily I see young men who are not prepared to get a job. These young people are not prepared in their walk, not prepared in their talk and not prepared in their presentation. Any one of these forms of "the lack of preparation" will keep you from reaching your potential. As an example I'll address the occurrence of showing that you are not prepared for a job or success by the form of your communication or, in other words, your talk. Though looks and appearances allow people to make assumptions about you, your words allow people to make determinations about you. Standing in court using broken english, not speaking clearly or failing to communicate at all is a dead give-a-way that, somewhere along the line, this person stopped learning. People who fit into this category are surely not going to get a "good" job and are likely headed to jail. When we look at all the possible causes of the inability to communicate, its possible to blame the home and even the schools. As a Cycle Breaker, instead of looking to place blame on other people, I'm all about personal responsibility so I will place the blame squarely on the individual person. At some point you become aware of the difference in your speech and the speech of a person in authority or management. At some point you realize that you should speak their language in order to get to their level. In other words when you know better, you do better.

In order to secure your ability to provide for your self and your family you must be educationally prepared. Here is a game changing tip. Look out in the American horizon and identify the industries where employment demand is high. Now go and get the skills required so that you can enter that industry. Getting the skills now will make you ready when the opportunity presents itself! To keep learning means to sharpen your tools. Sharpening your tools means you are getting ready for the endeavors ahead. It may take going to school at night, I did. It may take leaving some of your negative associations, I did. It will take sacrifice but it's worth it. Leadership and Cycle Breaker Principle number seven, keep learning.

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